The Gnomon exclusive Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT in “Melon” colorway

A personal Odyssey with the Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT “Melon”

Date Published
Mar 12, 2024
Jun Kai
Gnomon Viewpoint
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In the realm of horology, a watch is not just a device that tells time; it is a vessel that carries us through moments, encapsulating the essence of each tick and tock. Recently, I embarked on a captivating journey with the Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT Melon – my very first encounter with Steinhart timepiece – inviting me to explore the convergence of vintage aesthetics and modern craftsmanship. As the watch graced my wrist, it became more than an accessory—it unfolded as a companion, a witness to the chapters of my days, each one marked by the distinctive “melon” hues and intricate design. Join me as I share the intimate experience of my time spent with this unique Gnomon’s exclusive, where every glance at the dial became a step into the past and a leap into the present.

Let’s start with a quick background on Steinhart. It was founded in Augsburg in 2001 by the legendary Gunther Steinhart, is a homage watch brand that is widely known by watch enthusiast for its unrivalled price to quality ratio. Dating back to 2001, the brand focused on the production of classic design watches with Swiss mechanical movements. Today, Steinhart’s Swiss-made watches has garner much attention and popularity, building itself a loyal following due to the iconic designs at such affordable prices.

In recent times, one of the iconic Steinhart series is the Ocean 39 – simply put, their dive watch collection. An artistic adaption of a certain classic “diving timepieces” ethos from the late sixties, the Ocean 39 watches are crafted with quality and usability in mind. The fusion of modern watchmaking commingles with vintage flair makes them stand out from many other diver watches. Enough said, now let me share my personal journey with my first Steinhart Ocean 39 – the vintage GMT with a quirky colorway.

Starting the year of 2024 bursting with flavour, I was given the luxurious opportunity to spend some quality time with the Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT “Melon”. What stood out to me was the watch’s highly durable sapphire bezel, which contains a contrasting dark and light green tone. Almost immediately I could see the dial jumping out at me due to the iconic sapphire crystal dome, giving it a popping effect. This really reminded me of a melon with it’s rounded nature, two-tone of green and yellow applied markers and hands. Not stopping there, I can really appreciate the details put into the finishes upon examination. With satin brushed strokes all over the watch and polished mirrored finish on the edges and sides, the watch radiate a sense of timeless prestige.

The timepiece is adjusted and tailored perfectly down to the details of the temperature by the highly experienced watchmaker at Gnomon for me. At 39mm diameter with a 47mm lug-to-lug, the watch hugged securely on my wrist without giving me a sense of suffocation or exhaustion. The ideal size and weight for almost anyone regardless of gender and size. Throughout the day, I can’t help myself from staring at the captivating greens on the watch. Occasionally removing it to feel the fine finishing of the watch and admiring the overall aesthetic. 

Taking the watch on dates with me, it never left my wrist whilst giving me enough space to breathe, it was reliable like the ideal partner. Boasting a remarkable 300m water resistance (its important to me at this point), it followed me through my laps in the pool through the darkness of the night illuminated dimly by the poolside lights. The Superluminova on the dial of the watch made time reading an effortless task. Keeping track of how much time has elapse, for the fun of it this time, I know exactly how long I have before I have to make my way home and to the anxiously waiting paw’s of my Pomeranian. 

Having it on my wrist for quite awhile now, the watch often reminded me of the symbolic meaning behind its production. It is not just any other watch, it is a sentinel of the enduring collaboration between Steinhart and Gnomon through the years. It symbolises the shared vision and commitment to craftsmanship, innovation and endless pursuit of excellence. I could felt that when I have had my time with the Ocean 39, and this feeling continues to grow in me. I was able to share its significant meaning to my friends and family when they first saw the funky green timepiece sitting on my wrist. 

As a whole, I felt that it was a refreshing change from my usual Seiko samurai watch. The watch is much lighter making the watch wearing experience less exhausting. It is very easy to wear out on any occasion; be it to the swimming pool or casual outing. The green really stood out on the watch, with many people asking about it through the days. Personally, I would’ve liked the watch to be a little bigger which would be more fitting as I am bigger in nature. Must be due to all the melon I have been eating during these few days.

In summary, the unique design had a resonance on a personal level. The Ocean 39 GMT Melon is a timeless companion, weaving itself into the fabric of my memories. One that can follow you through every moment, ticking away and marking every milestone. It’s not just about telling time; it’s about crafting moments that linger in the heart.

Gnomon Watches first opened her doors for business online in early 2002, founded by bona fide horology suitors who share a profound passion for watchmaking and fine craftsmanship.

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