August 2023 Lookbook // A Battle between Mechanical and Quartz

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Aug 05, 2023
Samuel Ng
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We’re already into August 2023, and it is also when we proudly showcase a meticulously curated theme of timepieces in our shop. And this month, we have something interesting up for all of you. Our new member Jolyn might be new to watches, but she compares the perks of watches with batteries to those with gears only.

Therefore we granted her permission the pick her current top five favourites, with two quartz models and three automatic ones from respective brands. And boy, she curated four watches (a balance of 2 VS 2) we would never have thought of. Most of them are relatively new, while some have been around for years. We have Squale and Steinhart watches covering her love for Swiss-made mechanical, and Yema with Marathon Watches for some purposefully built quartz models. So let’s dive in with her as she learns the differences between these two watch genres. Below are her favourite picks. She’s once again rounded up as a newcomer into the deeper side of the rabbit hole in the realm of horology.

Squale 30 Atmos Ref. 1545 White

“Mechanical watches can live forever with its beating heart that does not rely on external battery fuels.”

Her first pick was the full white dial 30 Atmos from Squale with a ritzy two-tone design. The watch attracted her not only with its aesthetics but also piqued her curiosity about how the watch ticks away without the use of any battery. She learned it relies on a super reliable Swiss calibre, the Sellita SW 200-1 Elaboré. We explained to her that the movement, when well taken care of, can last as long as the beauty of the watch itself. 

Her fondness with this piece was that it has a modern touch to it, thanks to its colourway, which strikes a balance between refreshing and utilitarian. Coming in also at 40mm diameter, this model can be worn by men and women of different wrist sizes without any worries.

Yema Rallygraf Meca-Quartz Chronograph Red – Bracelet

“Quartz movement gives a sensational ticking of the seconds around the dial.”

When a well-made quartz watch like the Yema Rallygraf, there’s much to enjoy rather than sweeping anything “battery operated” under the bed. This particular chronograph does not simply ticks away, jumping only once every second thanks to its Meca-Quartz design. The time functions are powered by a quartz calibre called the Seiko’s VK64 hybrid movement. In contrast, a mechanical module controls the chronograph’s function, resulting in a smooth sweeping second-hand movement. The chronograph centre-hand sweeps at 1/5th second intervals, and all hands instantly reset. Best yet, it has a battery life of approximately 36 months.

Other than that, the case design and aesthetics, like those retro white dials with two racing red sub-dials, is the star of this timepiece. Drawing inspiration from the classic line of “Panda” chronographs in the mid-1960s, the Yema Rallygraf is popular among watch enthusiasts and collectors. Coming in at less than 400 USD, it’s hard to let this pass off as another quartz timepiece.

Steinhart Ocean 39 Black Military Camouflage – Ltd Ed 200pcs

“Just with the movement of your wrist, the automatic mechanical movement is charged up to keep the watch going.”

Returning to her mechanical picks, she chose the bold limited edition Steinhart Ocean 39 with a black case and camo-dial. 

She particularly loves the case sizing and its aesthetics – from the gold gilt bezel and markers to the black luminous and case – blending unpretentiously with a beautiful green camouflage dial. Is it ready for action? A yes with its Swiss mechanical movement within the 300m water-resistant case. Is it fun to wear? Another yes, thanks to an unconventional design.

Marathon GPQ NGM Sage Green Quartz Ref. WW194004-SG-NGM

“With a Quartz movement, you could simply grab it and go without adjusting anything.”

Lastly, our staff picked an exemplary piece from Marathon Watches, which made over 90% of its watches for the nation’s military personnel, the General Purpose Quartz in Sage Green. As it was told that having a reliable Swiss quartz movement within was by the request of the Canadian and US governments, it makes perfect sense to have one as it provides convenience for the militant to simply wear it on the go, saving him or her to have the hassle of adjusting its timing.

As practical as its High torque quartz ETA FØ6 calibre, the dial is packed with tritium gas tubes that light up 24/7. And coming in at a sweet vintage sizing of 34mm, this particular field watch can be worn today by both women and men. Who says a watch with a small size cannot be macho enough for military troopers while catering to civilians like us who want a sturdy watch made by a renowned brand?

Gnomon Watches first opened her doors for business online in early 2002, founded by bona fide horology suitors who share a profound passion for watchmaking and fine craftsmanship.

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