December 2022 Lookbook // Ending The Year With A Bang!

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Dec 10, 2022
Samuel Ng
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Since the start of our Lookbook a few years back, our monthly drops have always offered fine examples of watches (sometimes straps) that were meaningful to us personally in the most exciting ways. On top of that, we’d pick watches that befit our mood for that particular month. Each Lookbook can be seen as more than just a highlight of our offerings, but a way to express Gnomon Watches with the selections. Our team working on these casual blogs is made up of our core members who are watch enthusiasts themselves – the same people who give their insights and specification write-ups every day here on our websites, simply for you guys to get up to speed on what the watches are about, and some horology educations. 

If you’re still here reading our blogs, all I have to say is thank you for this fantastic support. Without you, we won’t be able to put out all these articles for the public, sharing our common passion altogether. Without further ado, this month’s loose theme allows me to offer a two-brands take that sums up 2022 nicely. Yes, you might have guessed them. They are Steinhart and Squale, the brands that have stuck with us since the early Gnomon hey-days. However, this time round, I’ll bring to light some of their latest offerings which I felt were less talked about by watch enthusiasts. So read on and check out what we have in store for you, and yes, they are still available in our shop.

Squale Sub-39 Heritage – Gnomon Exclusive

Of the brand’s most talked about the collection for this year, the Sub-39 is uniquely a Squale identity. The dive watchmaker introduces several models, and the latest one is this iteration is my favourite! Why? That’s because it bestows our inputs. Coming in with both vintage leather and bracelet, the Gnomon Exclusive is designed with a “true vintage” flair and a perfect tribute to the BP’s 1960s legendary Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe diver that utilized Squale cases during the Swiss watch manufacturer Rayville’s period.

This 39mm dive watch hits a sweet spot for most wrists without losing appeal. We removed any bold or numerical hour markers and had the watchmakers at Squale paint conventional dots and hash marks in the perfect aged luminous colour. We kept the texts on the dial as clean as possible, just like it would look in the early sixties. 

Steinhart Ocean One GMT Blue/Red Ceramic with Blue Dial

The second watch I have chosen is a mix of vintage and modern aesthetics: the Steinhart Ocean One GMT Blue/Red Ceramic with Blue Dial. The gloss blue effect instils much freshness and ritziness without throwing out how serious this tool watch is supposed to be. Paired beautifully with its two-tone “Pepsi” bezel, everything seems to pop harmoniously for its wearer. Before I get into the deets, I want to go straight to the bias point, which is my love for the electric blue dial on this GMT diver.

Now, the vintage aspect of this watch only comes in with its “Snowflake” hour and second hands. It’s another refreshing touch by Steinhart to incorporate some of the most iconic handsets herein, which were created during the early sixties and seventies. And with that, it’s a good reminder that this GMT travelling timepiece can be used underwater too! 

Squale 60 Atmos – Squalematic Blue – Limited

Let’s start with the bad news for this blue-dial diver from Squale. We have been told this will be the final batch of this beauty. Yes, it means that once it’s all sold out from Gnomon, the only way you can get one would be in the secondary market. Alright, now onto the good news, which are the elements that this 600m dive watch clads. Here’s another two-tone bezel design but done in style.

It’s made of sapphire material with iridescent metal strips and minute markers that provoke a disco vibe from the seventies. And matching off the beautiful blue and white tones got to be its sunburst light blue dial which dances beautifully in different lightings. I love the final touch of a thick domed crystal placed on this watch, as it creates incredible depth when one glances at its dial.

Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT Classic Ceramic

Reaching my fourth pick was the 39 GMT classic Ceramic from Steinhart. I’d guess the black and blue 24-hour bezel has already become a classic. This particular traveller’s dive watch exhibits very great value. Introduced just recently this year, I’d say it’s a fresher and younger take than his previous 42mm titanium design. Also, with a case size of 39mm, it is placed under the unisex category, which both he and she can enjoy. 

I dig this classic look – a flat sapphire crystal with date-magnifier and the standard metal gilt hour plots – it is one fine Ocean 39 that you could never go wrong pairing with your OOTD and other accessories. It is not as dull as a full black dial and bezel kind of classic, while not being over the top like the above Ocean One GMT with a vivid gloss blue dial. Take this on any of your trips, and I believe you will enjoy every moment.

Squale Periscope

Last but not least, the latest collaboration from Squale was with professional marine equipment producer Drass. Both set out to craft the best gear products for marine personnel, and boy, am I glad that they both came together to produce the Periscope dive watch. It is one cool piece with a modern navy simile while keeping the classic skin-diver look that makes Squale who they are.

Many elements make this timepiece attractive, but the ones that stand out to me are its “Drass” submarine logo at the bottom of the dial and the bund-style bezel with only the triangle pip available. In my honest opinion, these two elements are nice “vintage” touches – a modern double-signed piece with a specific military throwback. Oh, did I mention it comes with three different colour bumpers to protect your Periscope from dings when you wear it for action? I love the extra touches like these. Thank you for making incredible collaboration pieces like this in 2022. We can hope that there will be more coming in 2023.

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