January 2020 Lookbook

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Jan 20, 2020
Samuel Ng
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It’s the start of a new year for all of us watch fanatics out there, and we would like to breathe fresh air into our online space for you guys to tour and enjoy. We will be bringing a lifestyle look book of our selections of watches every single month from 2020 onwards, and we will be looking forward to inspiring our community on the wrist candies that we would wear ourselves, or even believe that it’s worth the grab.

At Gnomon, our collections are eminently mechanical genre of watchmaking, and this month’s line-up features a range of designs from a series of makers. We have a vintage re-issue field watch from Hamilton and a recent Seiko Presage that went under-the-radar. Without further ado, let’s take a look at our January 2020 Lookbook and how we get to hang out with these fresh pieces.


Representing a trivialized 41mm of a casual dress watch, this Seiko Presage is as understated as it could be. Subtle blue textured background inspired by Japanese zen gardens that whisper calmness everywhere, the Presage SARY141 / SRPD41J1 comes on a full polished round case. With a dressier case and “peaceful” dial, it goes to be an easy-wearing as demonstrated by our crew that slips one on with our very own woven nato strap and rocks it like never before.

The Presage Auto Zen Garden Blue is perfect for dressier occasions and or happy hour at your favorite bar joints, timeless, and good to go.


Salmon (Pinkish copper-tone) dials leap into this year, showing strong appeal to many enthusiasts as a revival since last year. It’s pink-hued seem on all sorts of watch styles, shown its capability of being versatile while unique and chic.

Trying to balance between elegance and flamboyant, Alpina Watches launched a new collection of their pilot/traveler collection with this new “black” known as the Startimer Pilot Heritage GMT with the salmon-colored dial.

Asides from its lustful dial flanged with a pure white 24-hour rehaut that is rotatable, our guy enjoyed the tonneau-lity with multi-finished facets that shouts quality.

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What do one reminds of when looking through a series of an almost homogeneous 24 hours field watch of yesteryear? Well, for many of us (we believe strongly) recall Hamilton and their Khaki collection. Our crew decided to strap one on, but with specific criteria, it has to be the white-dialed variant and has to be manual winding. The unique color platform for a military watch seems to pop out and grab the attention of many for its appeal while still hold’s the “Khaki” DNA.

Oh, this watch just asking for some outdoorsy activities that our guy took it for a hike in our tropical weather, while glazing down at his wrist any moment he could.


Something that we are taking seriously here is a packaged excellent dive watch. And we took the hidden treasure from one of Swatch’s group members and reveal its glamour, well at least for us own. This particular Ocean Star Diver is a notch higher than your usual suspects. This OS Diver 600 in full black looks as badass as Black Panther himself. The fitted black rubber strap retains its coolness and with a splash of orange to give it a little more kick.

Putting the 43.5mm wide diver on calls one readiness for action, and the whole experience with it exemplifies it distillations of innovations on what a modern dive watch should be like. Wakanda Forever!


Since we are at the cool and sleek “blackout” theme, this one right here fits the topic. We love discovering something out of the usual suspects and forms, and this is something we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed when Dietrich releases his latest creation- the Dietrich Device 1.

His design language has distinguished his offerings as one of the most exciting and avant-garde watches on the market since its debut in 2010. Well, we can’t stop behaving anxiously like a kid during Christmas eve, anticipating for a present that will make us go gaga for sure.

The DD-1 wraps around the wrist ergonomically, and it’s one of the more comfortable wearing experience we have while indulging in its layers of dial work that you do not see every day. Yeah, it’s all about the design and quality, and we believe in his language.

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