July 2023 Lookbook // Picks for Ladies to get them started

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Jul 08, 2023
Samuel Ng
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Recently I came across a conversation regarding women who wanted to dive into our watch hobby. For us men, we are familiar with this niche interest because, for quite some time, discussing wristwatches is considerably nerdy technical sans the diamonds and gem settings. But gone are the days when women would pick ready-to-go quartz pieces with some glitter. I realised they are keener on the mechanical wizardry components and the craftsmanship of a single watch case construction. So much so that women nowadays pay more attention to these once-boring details than ever. 

Therefore for this month’s lookbook, I got the team to pick some ladies’ timepieces – curated by women, specifically for women. I up the challenge for them to have the selections solely focusing on some examples for women who have just come out to work and want to start their watch journey with a good entry piece. And off our company’s lady team, they took some time to select five timepieces they believe are apt for newbies to collect. Without further ado, let’s get into them.

Seiko King Seiko Mechanical Automatic Burgundy Ref.SDKS009

The first pick was the newest addition at Seiko. The revival of King Seiko brings back the joy of many watch enthusiasts, as we feel that it’s a long-lost gem from the Japanese giant. Our team handled the King Seiko SDKS009 will work for newcomers who like to understand Seiko too. It clads a beautiful 37mm retro case paired with a matching vintage-style bracelet for a nostalgic and versatile wearing experience.

What they like about this piece got to be its non-date display dial that clads a beautiful crimson red surface that shines mesmerisingly under different lightings. This sunburst dial is a great learning experience for new people on how Seiko showcases its prowess in creating some of the best dial and case finishing out there. Best yet, it’s a rarer Japanese Domestic Model (JDM) that is available in our store.

Steinhart Marine Moon Phase Blue

The Marine Moon Phase Blue might be the dressiest Steinhart timepiece the brand has ever produced. Although the diameter is at a sportier side of 42mm, it can cater to those who seek a less dainty dress watch and carries a Swiss-made mechanical movement that is still pocket-friendly. What’s more for its wearer is the tribute to the first marine chronometer in the 18th century, where sailors needed an accurate timing instrument onboard their ships. Thus, it’s unsurprising that our lady colleagues have added this beauty here.

So what we have here is a beautiful sunburst blue dial watch that pays homage to one of horology’s memorable inventions while enabling one to wear it daily thanks to its automatic movement. Besides, you’re getting a beautiful moon-phase complication right on the dial.

Squale 30 ATMOS Ref. 1545 Pink

Speaking of historical design, how can the team leave out our beloved Squale divers, who have made classic-looking dive watches since the sixties? We got one catered explicitly for our ladies with this two-toned 300m diver, the Ref. 1545 Pink. The size is ideal at 40mm, both too big like the Steinhart Marine and too small at 37mm. It’s perfect for those who seek the in-between sizings. The 30 Atmos Pink is a relatively new release by Squale, where they splashed an excellent yellow-gold PVD treatment on the bezel grooves and crowns while adding a glossy white ceramic bezel and sunburst pink dial. I couldn’t picture any other brands that can land a striking timepiece like this without being over the top.

Despite its refreshing colours, the model preserves Squale’s history of producing quality dive watches while adding a modern touch with this upgraded design and modern materials. The watch is paired with a sporty bracelet and could be worn as a daily beater as it’s fully water-proof while not leaning too much towards a sober tool watch.

Seiko Presage Ocean Traveler GMT Champagne Ref. SARF012

We now head back to our first brand with yet another ideal pick for the ladies who might like to travel around the world in their new careers. Let’s start with the case. The Presage SARF012 combines a beautiful two-tone design, an impeccable case, and a GMT function. Seiko did not go with the conventional stainless steel material for this series. Instead, the company opted for a robust titanium material to construct the entire watch, including its bracelet. With titanium, the watch weighs much lighter on the wrist, which is an advantage for the ladies without sacrificing its sturdy build. Also, the finishing on the case and bracelet are in tandem with their stainless steel counterparts, even though Seiko takes much more effort to do so. 

This SARF012 might be the perfect wrist companion for frequent flyers. Onto its function, the watch clads an excellent power-reserve indicator at 9 o’clock and a date display at 6. However, as helpful as those two complications, the main highlight was its GMT movement, which allows one to track two different time zones simultaneously.

Steinhart Ocean 39 Metropole Lilac 

Lastly, the Ocean 39 Metropole is Steinhart’s latest 39mm all-rounder timepiece. Its polished fixed bezel and case construction are well-polished, adding a touch of refinement to a classic sports watch for both males and females. Since our primary goal today was to focus on the “hers” rather than the “his”, we picked the Lilac version, which has an uncluttered and symmetrical dial. 

The dial is where the fun begins and is deemed the main attraction here. Baton indices can be found, with an all-new “Steinhart” logo as the index at 12 o’clock and the 3-6-9 Arabic numerals applied at their markers. The result is an uncluttered, symmetrical dial that allows the wearer to tell the time at a glance. The Metropole logo is also proudly applied below at six o’clock, an unabashed showing off of the brand’s new collection, allowing it to stand out from its more expensive counterparts.

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