March 2020 Lookbook

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Jan 20, 2020
Samuel Ng
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It’s already March, this week we have for you guys a mixed bag of goodies- the under-the-radar ones, the one that’s all about classic ethos, and something futuristic compiled in the March 2020 Lookbook. From the classic Squale 20 Atmos Classic Ceramic Ref.1545 worn almost daily on her wrist, to the quirky Ventura Blackout from the Swiss-American Hamilton company with its crazy “boomerang” case. Let’s not waste anyone’s time and dive right into them.


Like the Beatlemania that derives from bell-bottoms for the hippies as a fashion statement, to tie-dye T-shirts that upgrades your white T-shirt with vibrant colors, the 1960s were memorable with many iconic items, just like what we have here on our team’s wrist- her very own Squale 20 Atmos Classic on a black nato!

This piece enjoys an everlasting look and feels, thanks to its case design that seems to be eternal. The Squale variant measures at 40mm wide, this is technically a sweet spot for both men and women of these days. The watch radiates pure 60s vibe that ironically still much relevant till today, with an enduring design, paired with gloss black dial done with applied luminous, and best yet, with their new ceramic bezel into the mix.

She felt that the 20 Atmos she could wear it every day or just fit into her “one watch” idea as she rocks it anywhere and everywhere, literally. Besides, she let off her secret admiration of the small “bubble” cyclops that enhance her date-reading with legibility.


Let’s move on to the other side of things, to a time where this piece was inline with the 20th-century music and fashion style where Rock and Roll were born. On the other hand, the Ventura seems fitting in the Men In Black film for its futuristic “boomerang” case look. Our guy picked his blackout Elvis80 edition and roll with it as if to enhance the cool factor, but I digress. The blackout theme, this particular one did not disappoint and fitted on a full black rubber tone just made it all the more frondeur. He was fond of the way Hamilton nails the customized sapphire crystal to match the case and further mentions, “if you just want to feel badass, this is no doubt the piece to rock.”

The overall measures at 42.5mm wide and 12.6mm tall, the watch does stand out the way it supposed to be, just like we mentioned before, “The design’s definitions go well with much daring, pioneering, and unique attributes, that even the King of Rock’ n’ Roll liked his Ventura so much he wore it in his movie, Blue Hawaii of 1961.”


Since this month we have a lady onboard the Lookbook, she decided to pick her admired Rainflower dress piece from none other than Mido themselves. From the case styling to its brown mother-of-pearl dial, the 34mm beauty became highly appreciated by our member that she can stare at one for a long time, and I mean it. The case is impressive as it gets the inspiration from our country’s Art Science Museum. The architecture can be felt and seen through the whole watch while Mido introduced this particular collection just for the ladies in the world, instead of sizing down men’s watch. Kudos to Mido doing their part in the world of horology, for taking an extra step implementing their newly improved Caliber 80 based on the ETA C07.611 into the Rainflower.

Elegant and reliable will be it. Now she can admire its pure line, gentle curves of the Rainflower Rose Gold Brown from the front to the back, indulging further with the mechanical works pack in this dress piece for her.


The German brand came a long way, sticking to its route with tactical, robust, and Teutonic horology. With their latest release of the new Vortex, our guy looked this way and have to get one on his wrist. The multi-purpose Vortex 500 sits well these days at 39mm on most wrists even with the heavy-duty faceted lugs design. The “hybrid” theme stays right with the mix of aviation aesthetics and with the proper divbe watch built, up to 500m, to be exact.

The Dievas hits you with the right sense of what “forms-follow-functions” is all about, with its signature matte case and “Destro” crown placement that does increase its cool-factor, helping both lefties with the crown adjustment at ease, while giving comfortability for those right-handers.


Apart from watches that carry the usual color suspects like black, blue, and green (this season), the Steinhart Ocean 39 Beige Ceramic stands out from the lot. Packing the typical treats of having 300m water resistant with ceramic beige color bezel, lending it to a full-prove dive watch, the Ocean 39 stands out in a certain way. Firstly, the dial gets a real nice “Mojave” sand color tone and texture, paired with applied markers, logo, and emblem. All these then flanged by a beautifully subtle white minute chapter ring that matches its luminous plots.

What’s more, the beige ceramic bezel is engraved and done with the same sandy texture just as its dial. The watch is topped off with a matching vintage beige strap, allowing her to enjoy wearing it casually around town this month.

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