March 2022 Lookbook // Go Big or Go Home

Our monthly highlights on how we rock these timepieces!

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Mar 05, 2022
Samuel Ng
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We have been through both the Super Bowl and Valentine’s day in February, and now as we approach March, we’d thought we keep up the boom and bang. In all honesty, this wasn’t the only lookbook where we bring out the bad boys, as all of our monthly highlights are. But, in this particular month, a slight shift in our typical choices can be promptly felt and be seen. Yes, we brought out some big guns this March regarding sheer sizing and building. We know and could smell a stint where some of you might be put off by watches that are bigger than usual nowadays, especially where the case dimensions sit between 42mm – 47mm. But we’re here to wax poetically on something that seems to weigh on the people’s hearts at Gnomon Watches – where sometimes, enjoy the watch itself rather than one telling you it’s too big.

If We’ve piqued your curiosity once again on something that goes against today’s norm – where bijou wrists need petite watches – then get ready to be in for some big treats. Plus, you might be surprised at what one might have missed out on if you’re willing to pay more attention to more significant-sized watches or those perceived as one. Our top five picks stretch from Teutonic design like the Dievas Phantom to the military-themed Khaki Frogman diver from Hamilton. These big boys that the whole team truly enjoyed wearing thoroughly and thought best to share with our community. Besides, having all of them in one place accessible from anywhere means you guys have the chance to acquire them too! So let’s get things started.

Dievas Phantom

Starting with the smallest among the bunch, the Dievas Phantom is quite a show-stealer. Despite running at 39mm, this bad boy hasn’t stopped its masculine appeal thanks to following its older 44mm brethren: the infamous Dievas Shadow. Even with the unisex size, one can truly appreciate the bold industrial design that distills Dievas characteristics. The watch gets a superb makeover with its complete black-out look, including the wordings on the dial and the tang buckle that comes along harmoniously. 

Other than the entire black hue, the watch only spots another iconic color to Dievas, which is the “tennis” yellow markers and handset. What’s worth a highlight goes to its date display between 4 and 5 o’clock. The frameless date window is equally black as the dial, blending in perfectly without feeling out of place. Even the date numerals did in the same yellow as the rest of the watch. This is one piece that brings volume for both him and her, as long as they are willing to try on this incredible time machine.

Steinhart Triton 300 Black

Launched as one of the big guns from Steinhart, the brand has revamped its Triton collection with this 300m dive watch and later on with the Traveler GMTs. This particular one impresses with its unique, bold case, where it packs a punch with the chunky-looking case. Its heavy-duty spring bar system found on each angular lug guarantees high durability. Don’t let that get to you, as this watch still wears well and, of course, big and sporty on the wrist.

What we’d find intriguing about this beauty is its unique crown guard. Steinhart managed to incorporate a one-of-a-kind, fan-shaped crown guard that’s flat-looking from the side while seamlessly flowing into the case lug at 5’o clock position. These are some details that watch enthusiasts look out for and appreciate. Lastly, only a few may be found with a comparably good price-performance ratio like this Triton 300 Black, and we meant when we say this.

Rado Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Black Rose Gold Ref. R32127162

Let’s shift back to black-out mode. We have both big in sheer size and from a brand with extensive technical know-how. Like how we put it, “Achieved through a cumulation of many years of intensive research and development of combining innovative materials with the 43mm Captain Cook’s rich heritage, Rado revolutionized their classic Captain Cook with their latest reveal of an ultra-modern timepiece.” Indeed, the brand did with this Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic – integrating some of the brand’s most cutting-edge technologies such as Rado’s complete high-tech ceramic monobloc case construction, scratch-resistant, and hypoallergenic high-tech ceramic, and Rado’s premium R734 caliber with the anti-magnetic Nivachron™ mainspring. With the addition of a gold bezel and crown and a mesmerizing open-work dial, This is one incredibly sleek and avant-garde luxury diver that handsomely demonstrates Rado’s enormous watchmaking potential. 

Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Red – Rubber Ref. H77725335

If you guys are new to the brand and their Khaki watches, our writer has gone incredibly deep into their history and the collection here: The Military Watch That Forged a Living Collection. Keeping the chain of watchmaking brands that packs a long history, we have included one from Hamilton: the Khaki Navy Frogman Red. Simply put, the Khaki Navy Frogman is one hell of a military-inspired piece based on their vintage “canteen” field watches. Design as a dive watch, the Khaki Scuba is bold and rugged inbuilt, encapsulating a modern twist to the company’s experience in building reliable watches for the army.

The unique thing about this Scuba got to be its screw-down cap system. Based on the “canteen” bottle cap style from yesteryears, the hinged crown-cap protector has to be screwed out to allow one to adjust the time and date from the crown within. Also, at 42mm, the watch does feel like a wearable beast thanks to this additional crown protection system, which makes this particular piece stands out from the rest.

Damasko DC86 Green

For dessert, we go with another maker from Germany. That’s indie brand Damasko and their DC86 in a green colorway. Damasko is one brand that never sways from its roots in producing solid timepieces with a traditional German flair. As with this chronograph, the company applied their nifty crafts on the casework, with its ice-hardened case, pushers, and bezel. This treatment offers good corrosion resistance and can be tempered up to 64 HRC/800Vickers, four times the hardness of every other steel currently used in the watch industry. 

Another worthy mention is that the 42mm chronograph uses the patented bezel system, CAD/CNC designed and engineered, finished with a highly abrasion-proof Damest layer resulting in a blacked-out look. These Hardened components guarantee that the bezel’s ratchet will never wear out or become loose. No other bezel available offers that amount of preciseness and performance even under the harshest conditions. Therefore this is one watch you could wear the hell out of it without any hassle.

Gnomon Watches first opened her doors for business online in early 2002, founded by bona fide horology suitors who share a profound passion for watchmaking and fine craftsmanship.

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