November 2021 Lookbook // Exploring Evant

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Nov 06, 2021
Zong Lie
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Built on the passion of watch enthusiasts, the rise of rapidly-growing microbrands in recent years has pushed the boundaries of the watchmaking industry, driving innovation that allowed smaller watch brands to freely express new and unexplored creative concepts when it comes to manufacturing timepieces through non-conventional means. This uncovered a gateway for new generations of fellow watch lovers to be exposed to value-focused timepieces crafted with attractive designs and specifications, evoking a splurge of excitement. With this said, there’s one brand that immediately came to my mind in the topic of young, forward-thinking watch brands — Evant Watches. 

With Evant being a close partner of Gnomon Watches, it is genuinely compelling to see a watch brand that has only been around for less than a decade develop such exceptional timepieces with a unique selling proposition, delivering excellence in both aesthetics and watchmaking mastery. As more and more brands shift their presence online with the advent of e-commerce and globalization (more so with the novel coronavirus pandemic on hand), it sets the stage for brands like Evant Watches to shine amongst more prominent players in the market that have been in the forefront for decades. You probably have experienced browsing through social media or online forums, spotting some excellent new watch releases, and telling yourself, ‘I want that watch.’ This was exactly what came to mind when I chanced upon Evant timepieces long before hopping on the Gnomon team. Especially for us watch nerds, microbrands’ booming growth has us all thrilled to anticipate what comes next. But for now, let’s explore some of Evant’s stunning timepieces that have undeniably got me hooked onto the brand. 

Evant Polestar Concept One

The Polestar collection of retro yet futuristic-looking dive watches from Evant is definitely one that works perfectly as a daily driver with its incredibly versatile yet refined appearance. From an enthusiast standpoint, the dimensions are pretty much perfect here for an elegant dive watch with a case diameter of 39.5mm and a pleasing 20mm lug width to match with your favorite strap options. Amplifying its refined aesthetics, I paired the Polestar Concept One with an Italian handmade tan calf leather strap, showing off how a dive watch like this could take on a modish persona for dressier settings. 

However, the two attributes that really captured my interest the most were the curved inner ring on the dial and the beautifully polished bombé lugs, defining traits of the Polestar series. While this may not be a piece I would necessarily wear to partake in deep dives underneath the ocean, this is undoubtedly one gorgeous-looking dive watch that holds so much character in its dial, especially from its clean and tastefully done design. 

Evant Tropic Diver Fume Blue

Apart from the Polestar series, the Tropic Diver collection presents an iconic design that has become synonymous with the brand as the first-ever collection released by Evant. Despite being a relatively young brand that only made its debut in 2015, it comes to show how much dedication and attention to detail the Evant team has put into every one of their models right from the beginning. 

A quick recap on the specifications on the Tropic Diver – we get a convexed ceramic lumed bezel insert, elabore grade Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement and a domed sapphire crystal packed in a sweet 41mm case. Seeing all these enticing specifications, these are undoubtedly all the things I yearn to see in a dive watch in this highly competitive price segment, and the value here is indeed astonishing. When it comes to design, what drew me into the Evant Tropic Diver was its minimal elegance, keeping things relatively simple while looking immensely sophisticated at the same time. Pairing the Evant Tropic Diver Fume Blue on a heavy-duty blue nato strap, the alluring shades of blue on the dial and bezel genuinely come alive.

Evant Polestar Pardon My Blue

Here comes my favorite of the bunch. Admittedly, it did not entirely grab my interest at first glance. However, the Evant Polestar Pardon My Blue quickly grew on me for its exquisite unorthodox appearance and gorgeous blue diamond-like coating (DLC) in a superb high polish throughout the case. Having it on the wrist, it is exceedingly engrossing to look at. Frequently, undertaking daring designs like this may not be the ‘safest’ of options for developing microbrands who are out to make a name for themselves. Nevertheless, Evant took a brave step forward to build a unique timepiece that is unlike anything I’ve seen, and the result was undoubtedly rewarding. 

Not surprisingly, I received plenty of compliments and queries whenever I rock the Polestar Pardon My Blue, the presence on the wrist was absolutely massive. More often than not, when someone casually eyes this piece on my wrist, it would spark a conversation almost immediately. Nevertheless, by no means is this a mere novelty timepiece to me. The performance-driven Swiss workhorse movement and premium materials are awe-inspiring as a no-frills dive watch in every aspect. From the domed sapphire crystal, lumed ceramic bezel to the gleaming polished case, this is a handsome showpiece that effortlessly captures the light from pretty much every angle. 

Evant Tropic Diver 300

In contrast with the Polestar Pardon My Blue, the Evant Tropic Diver 300 holds a more subdued appearance, sitting closer to the appearance of conventional dive watches with its utilitarian-military matte sandblasted case and simple black dial and bezel. For this reason, the Evant Tropic Diver 300 would be my favorite pick for an outdoor do-everything watch that would accompany me for a weekend hike with the family or a relaxing evening swim. 

Yet again, Evant’s attention to detail goes unnoticed with a black date wheel blends into the matte dial and matching black handsets to complete the entire look. Naturally, a black dive watch like this pairs incredibly well with just about any strap combination for its versatile appearance. 

Evant Tropic Diver Bronze Fume Black

To end off the lookbook for November, the final spotlight goes to one of my best-loved categories of watches — bronze dive watches. The Evant Tropic Diver Bronze Fume Black is definitely a winning formula for its captivating sandblasted CuSn8 marine-grade bronze case pairing perfectly with some old radium SuperLuminova on the substantially applied hour markers and rose gold treated handsets. Wearing this piece over time, the natural aging of bronze evokes a warm, rustic appearance that captures my heart every single time I put it on my wrist. 

Assuredly, the Evant Tropic Diver Bronze Fume Black gets a whole lot of wrist time as I develop a sort of intimate relationship with it as time passes from the unique patina on the bronze case. Well, I guess if I ever want to have a fresh-looking case in its original state, restoring it with some lemon juice and the baking powder will bring it back in a jiffy, and the fun starts all over again. For me, the icing on the cake here is unquestionably the radially brushed fume dial, a marvelous combination that excellently complements the rich tones of bronze. Exploring each of Evant’s timepieces and their own unique attributes, I couldn’t be more excited to see what is in store for us in future releases from this fantastic brand.

Gnomon Watches first opened her doors for business online in early 2002, founded by bona fide horology suitors who share a profound passion for watchmaking and fine craftsmanship.

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