November Lookbook 2023: The Mido Way Of Measuring Time

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Nov 04, 2023
Samuel Ng
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Each month, we present a selection of our favourite watches from Gnomon’s collection, capturing the images and stories of our beloved in-house team members. Our lookbook gives you a clearer view of what makes these watches and our company so special. This month, we bring five watches that encapsulate Mido watchmaking’s spirit. 

Pronounced “Me-Do”, which means “I measure” in Spanish, Mido turns 102 this year. Originating as a Swatch Group brand, this centenary Swiss watchmaker gained recognition in the vintage watch scene with many distinguished pieces in its early days. Although Mido may not be the first watchmaker one thinks of when looking for Swiss timepieces, this brand has recently returned with exquisite remakes of remarkable heritage collectables that testify to its forte in watchmaking.

While we’ve been vivid fans of Mido’s history, it’s about time we got our hands on some of the brand’s most quintessentially modern reinterpretations. Dig into our picks below, and be sure to be amazed by the vivid choices. 

Mido Ocean Star 36.5 Blue Ref. M026.

The first pick goes to the Mido latest dive watch in unisex sizing – the Mido Ocean Star 36.5 in blue colourway. For the first time in women’s version, this sixties-inspired diver’s watch – a sporty, ergonomic model in shades of blue – has been designed not only for intrepid explorers but for Mido lovers like us.

What I love about the blue version is how electrifying the blue hue it distils. From its bezel to its dial, the colour adds refreshment to its wearer while sticking to the nautical theme.

Mido Ocean Star 36.5 Black Ref. M026.

Speaking of the blue version, we also look at the black variant. This one that’s as versatile as it can get for Mido’s latest release. The mid-size Ocean Star keeps the case shape of the current OS lineup, and a few features that stand out are the sharp-looking crown guard and the elongated hour markers. 

Everything is well-balanced on the watch, especially its date display at 6 o’clock. The Ocean Star further being powered by the ETA C07.611 with an entire 80-hour power reserve. This a well-packaged timepiece for everyday wear. 

Mido Ocean Star Decompression Worldtimer GMT Blue – Special Edition Ref. M026.829.17.041.00

Keeping within the Ocean Star lineup, we must pay attention to the Decompression Worldtimer that Mido had brought back. The design cues strongly reflect its vintage 37mm SkyDive Diver and Diver Scuba, while the resemblance more closely to the latter for its hour markers.

The main highlight of this piece has to be the dial, which is now decorated with multi-colours to highlight its Worldtimer functionalities. Despite the complex look, the dial is well designed with concentric scales to mark diving decompression times at different depths, flanged by its 24-hour scales and then block-shaped hour markers and the minute tracks for the time reading. A red GMT hand is spot-on here to read a second-time zone while enhancing the wearer’s legibility. All these traits are the definition and a nod to dive watches of the ’60s. 

Mido Multifort Power Reserve PVD Green Ref. M038.424.33.061.00

We move on to Mido’s sports model that lives above the surface. The Multifort is one collection that we’re obliged to touch on. Since the launch of Mido’s phenomenal Multifort design, its first timepiece to incorporate a self-winding automatic movement, in 1934, this Swiss watchmaker has released many popular lineups known for their unbreakable mainsprings. 

Mido continues to be astounding today with the Multifort Power Reserve Blackout Green, a handsome new addition to the Multifort collection. What characterises this particular blackout piece is its power reserve complication in pastel green at 9 o’clock, which matches its second-hand and rehaut numerals. This semi-circular power reserve indication visually displays the remaining stored energy measured by the amount of tension on the mainspring.

Multifort Powerwind Black Ref. M040.407.11.057.00

While the Multifort mentioned above PR PVD Green is a full-out modern design, this newer release takes a proper look back into Mido’s heritage. The Mido Multifort Powerwind tributes to its 1954 predecessor, where a fine dress piece was created to house the Maison’s earliest movement known as the “Powerwind”. The Multifort Powerwind features a new retro design that sums up being a value proposition for us enthusiasts.

The main highlight has to be its dressy case. It has a distinctive shape, where the short lugs are “twisted” inwards, creating its retro charm instead of those cookie-cutter round elegant cases. The bezel is thin here, making it an all-dial type; even with a box-shaped sapphire crystal, the watch looks svelte and wears gracefully on most wrist sizings.

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