October 2022 Lookbook // Blue October

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Oct 08, 2022
Samuel Ng
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We’re now dipping our toes into the fourth quarter of 2022, where at Gnomon, we start bringing out many more new additions of watches into our boutique. Be it the new Khaki models from Hamilton or the all-new Steinhart GMTs, there are quotidian elements that we’d find in our spectrum of timepieces, and one of them got to be the vivid dial colourways. Therefore this month’s lookbook, we would especially take your attention to one of the all-time classic hues, which is the colour blue. Yes, this particular one distils a sense of tranquillity for us watch enthusiasts without being too dull or sober like those black-dial watches. It’s one colour that many of us still be able to feel refreshed when we look down upon those dials. At the same time, the watch manufacturers continue to use the palette in their professional tool watches as it is not overly playful. So let’s look at what we have curated for all of you with some fine examples we carry at Gnomon. Besides, the colour blue will always be the new “black” in the horology realm.

Event Tropic Diver 39 Royal

Let’s start with this beautiful one. This particular vintage dive watch has been one of our favourites since its launch, and until this day, we could not stop falling in love with its mesmerising smokey blue dial. The blue hue dances with energy every single time when different light hits on the surface at different angles. 

Coming in at 39mm, this Event Tropic Diver sits gracefully on both women’s and men’s wrists without feeling too small or too big. The retro accoutrement accentuates the vintage theme to an already handsome and classically styled aesthetic. What’s more, it now comes with a period-correct beads-of-rice steel bracelet that many of us would love.

Norqain Adventure Sport 42mm Blue Ref. N1000C02A/A101

Developed as an all-rounder sports watch, this particular Adventure Sports pairs perfectly with a dark blue accent to highlight its outdoorsy spirit. Strapping it on the wrist, it bears a bold sense of authenticity, uniqueness and some rebellious character trait that, once again, reflects the brand’s character.

Crafted with prowess, this Norqain Adventure Sport sports the brand’s distinctive herringbone-like texture, bringing excellent character and depth to the dial. What’s more, with the inclusion of the SW200-based calibre, this is a perfect entry for watch enthusiasts who want to dip their toe into a proper Swiss brand with traditional watchmaking in them but ambitiously shaking up the future in the horology world. 

Mido Ocean Star Tribute Blue Ref. M026.830.11.041.00

While the prior Norqain feels contemporary and modern, the Mido Ocean Star Tribute Blue seeks to pay a handsome tribute to the 75 years of its popular dive watch collection. The Ocean Star started when Mido crafted the first dive watch in 1944. The moniker continues today with a reputation for reliability. This Tribute Blue diver brings back its sixties aesthetic while pouring the light blue palette throughout its dial and bezel, resulting in a cheerful oceanic sense.

We got to give it to Mido for pairing this outstanding diver with a period-correct-looking Milanese-style bracelet that was once popular in their heydays. The combination provides the watch with a complete retro look, making a solid presence on the wrist.

Seiko Spirit Automatic Classic Blue Ref. SZSB013

How can we leave out one of the best in the field when it comes to dialling works. In 2019 Seiko discreetly launched a fire collaboration with a reputed Japanese Retailer for their 35th Anniversary celebration. The watchmaking juggernaut from the East took their coveted Spirit (SARB) collection and upgraded them with refreshing and better-built models like this SZSB013. We included this Seiko Spirit Automatic as we’re simply in love with its shimmering deep blue dial.

Handling this piece will allow you to grasp the quality of its overall craftsmanship immediately. And when we take a closer look at the dial, we can enjoy a high level of watchmaking efforts being put into its applied hour markers, handset, and of course, its sunburst dial. Best yet, we can rock this new “Spirit” piece like a perfect daily-beater, just like it is supposed to be.

Glycine Combat Classic 40 “MoonPhase” Blue Ref. GL0113

For the last timepiece for this lookbook, we decided to go with something different from a brand that used to only produce tool watches, the Glycine Combat Classic 40 “MoonPhase”. This piece sits within the brand’s field watch collection that was only recently launched. However, we felt it could be on its own with a dressier name, encased in a classic stainless steel case with an understated old-school charm and a mesmerising moon-phase complication. 

The Glycine can be considered an impressive dress piece, only to be further elevated by a sunburst blue dial that dances off with different lighting. It is paired formally with a leather strap, allowing a perfect companion with formal wear for both men and women, and it will not look out of place in any ceremonious events. What a surprising creation by a tool-watch watchmaker from Bienne!

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