September 2022 Lookbook // The Military Prospect For Your Watches

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Sep 10, 2022
Samuel Ng
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Heading into September seems too quick, but here we are, embracing the passage of time. Therefore to spice things up a little, we want to focus on a specific group of straps that make your watches not only versatile yet utilitarian at the same time. By that, I don’t mean dressing up your watches to have a plain uniform that’s all about functionality. No, no, we want them to look even more incredible than their original straps and bands; thus, in this lookbook, we are about to show you how to combine “military” style accoutrements and look good all at the same time.

Since it’s a military theme for this month’s strap choices, we excluded those that are not water-resistant, which means leather straps are out. Instead, we have chosen an array of materials – from nylon to natural rubber – allowing one to sports up your watches in style and ready for action. So after a few tweaks of swapping the straps, let’s get down to business!

Hitori Black NATO

To start things off, we have chosen the most fundamental type of NATO strap that almost pairs well with any watch. The black Hitori NATO strap is made of cotton material, which differs quite a bit from those ubiquitous nylon ones, as it’s more supple and promotes comfortability without compromising durability. Don’t believe us; you can always get one from us at $12 USD and try it.

The strap comes with zero stitches, making it look seamless throughout, even when worn. And the strap has a safety layer to protect your watch from slipping out if one of the spring bars breaks in situations. We have personally rocked this strap for quite some time, and it works exceptionally well with most of your OOTDs. 

Olive Élastique Strap

A new addition to our Gnomon strap stable, and boy did we immediately fall in love with it. So a little introduction on this strap: the élastique strap is handmade from high-quality elastic nylon webbing used traditionally for a parachute. This option came about and was operated by the French Marine Nationale during the 1970s. 

The olive colour choice reflects the heydays where one uses what is available, turning the parachute material into a fantastic strap choice until today. The advantage of the elastic material, while breathable, is dense, giving it a sturdy feel when worn. And it’s easy to strap your watch on and off at any time.

Damasko Leather Black/White Strap

This particular leather one is an exception before you bash us with our afore-mentioned of no leather policy. The big giveaway hint has got to do with Damasko themselves. So what is so special about this strap? It got to do with its water-resistant hybrid design that only befits a Damasko timepiece. Don’t be fooled by its front leather material as it comes with a rubber backing – sown together with double full-stitching on both sides to increase its sweat/water resistance. Oh, did we tell you it comes with a unique fireman flap at the buckle side, preventing one from accidentally knocking off the buckle? That’s Damasko we’re talking about!

Marathon Black Vulcanized Rubber Strap

Like the nifty German manufacturer Damasko, Marathon has continued to deliver quality products, from their watches to their accessories. Despite launching their all-new 3-piece rubber strap from Switzerland, their previous vulcanised ones are already top-quality. Coming in black, the rubber strap pairs oh-so-well with mostly any tool-watches you want to throw at, elevating the sporty look. We tried them for an extended period, and the rubber strap does not show any signs of weakening or on the edge of tearing apart. We have carried many rubber straps, and we know Marathon’s ones are at the top of the echelon. 

Squale Tropic Rubber Strap Blue -Type I

 Lastly, how can we forget the famous case-maker from the sixties and their offering? The dive-watch-oriented watchmaker is no slouch when producing bands to pair with their watches. Whether an Italian-made leather strap or this tropic rubber strap, each fits thematically on their classic dive watch cases and does it in style. We picked the latest electric blue colour one as it distils a certain refreshing vibe overall. It can be perfect when travelling overseas or to the beach for a holiday.

Furthermore, the strap design dates back to the sixties, when the holes were perforated to allow the water to dry off quickly on the wrists of recreational or professional marine divers after a dive. Although it still works today, the design truly spices the retro-ness of your watch without feeling dated at all. Besides, after wearing it for a while, it’s super comfortable and makes one appreciate more on this well-designed rubber strap.

Gnomon Watches first opened her doors for business online in early 2002, founded by bona fide horology suitors who share a profound passion for watchmaking and fine craftsmanship.

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