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Outdoor Watches: Your Capable Companion for Many Adventures

A relaxing trip, to the top of the mountain, or go under the sea?

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Oct 27, 2021
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Who doesn’t hop into an exciting trip? You can do lots of fun outdoor activities to replenish energy. Well, it’s not all about the fun and games. There comes a time when you need to take a short, maybe some long rest, then go on, right? I always love to go on spontaneous adventures with friends, of course! Otherwise, I couldn’t stand the cold nights alone. This wasn’t about sharing the warmth with the others but, rather, the fond memories. And to make it even splendid, a round piece of adventure watches on my wrist would complete the whole need.

My friends and I adore Mother Nature as much as we adore wonderful outdoor watches. It never hurts to have something on your wrist; something to depend on when you’re in solitude enjoying the winsome scenery or when some things get tough for a while. The sound of the ticking of my favorite watch while venturing into the still dusk, I like that. It keeps me on the right track.

It’s all worth the price, to finally see the glistening golden sun at dawn. Sometimes, what we need is to take a breather under the sleepy sun. I know I am quite the romantic man. I can’t deny the beauty of bonds, poems, and timepieces. 

To tell the time while doing outdoor adventure is always essential. That’s why you need a suitable outdoor watches to keep you company. Alas, it can’t be just any watch. Adventures come in many forms – so do the adventure watches! With each style differing from one another, it’s best to get to know the road to one’s passion.

I would like to thank some of my friends. Without them, I might not be able to tell the importance of wristwatches. I had always relied on my smartphone whenever I went to travel. Yet, there are times that having a reliable watch is as important to the smart device – I just need a glance over my wrist to tell the time. With their guidance, now I know my way around discerning the essential features of a watch.

What outdoor watches features you should look for?

Every adventurer wants a watch that is durable, dependable, and comfortable outdoor watches to wear. Those are the 3 key factors. You can look for one that is resistant to water, scratch, and shock to cope with the harsh environment. Many of them are made with high-quality materials and the latest technology.

I set my eyes on Hamilton Khaki Field King Auto Black the first time I wanted to have something circling my wrist on adventures. This vintage piece yet has its rich military history highlights the legibility with the displays of date and day. I didn’t need to worry about the scratch along the way. The robust dial and bracelets are made with stainless steel. Add to that, the sapphire crystal protects the dial with its inside. The size of 40mm wide and 11.15mm in height of the watch is also suitable as adventure watches for women.

Hamilton Khaki Field King Auto Black - Bracelet Ref. H64455133
Hamilton Khaki Field King Auto Black – Bracelet Ref. H64455133

Next is the reliability of the watch’s movement; be it mechanical or quartz. Mechanic movement is a great choice if you’re active and love to move around. The last thing to consider, should you get a bulky and heavy one or go for the slim one? Regardless of your choice, you can pick one as long as it fits ideally to your wrist.

Hamilton Khaki Field King Black PVD Ref. H64465733

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As someone who rejoices in diving deep into the seawater, we need another one that can sustain the water pressure, right? As the name suggests, Squale 50 ATMOS Scuba is specifically tailored as a dive watch. Squale, itself, has long been known for its fruitful innovation of vintage dive watches. The 500m water resistance would do a great job as a fit companion to go under the ocean. Moreover, its strap fits a wide range of wrist sizes and is adjustable for a prolonged period in water. It’s proof against scratches with the anti-reflective sapphire crystal. This truly is the best for sea exploration.

Squale 50 ATMOS Scuba
Squale 50 ATMOS Scuba
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How to Choose the Best Outdoor Watches?

Without a doubt, the best outdoor watches for adventure are the ones that suit your needs. To pick one, ask yourself; what kind of adventure am I going to have?

Is it a relaxed trip across cities? Or, some extreme sports that you want to try? Though they are durable and reliable, they can’t take in your every passion for outdoor excitement.

For a relaxed trip, it’s enough to get a simple and useful traditional watch. Yet, for some extreme sports such as exploring, diving, and mountain climbing, you need more than just a simple one. Your choice should hold with the harsh terrain without leaving out their utility. 

Yema Flygraf Pilot M1
YemaFlygraf Pilot M1

If you’re a man who loves simplicity and air-related sports, the ideal men’s outdoor watch for you is Flygraf Pilot M1 by Yema. With the collaboration of pilot watch enthusiasts and professional pilots, this watch presents the top timepiece of superb functionality. It’s made to stand firm against rough air and ground adventures. It also goes well for any extreme sports that you want to try. Since the watch is equipped with high-quality material, it’s resistant to scratch, shock, and water up to 300m. The YEMA2000 in-house Caliber automatic movement provides the watch a power reserve for about 45 hours.

Yema Flygraf Pilot M2

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Now that you know about the important points of outdoor watches for adventures, I hope you can get the one for your upcoming journey from the reading. Does one of them intrigue your attention?

Gnomon Watches first opened her doors for business online in early 2002, founded by bona fide horology suitors who share a profound passion for watchmaking and fine craftsmanship.

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