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Why Do You Need Tool Watches for a Specific Job?

From field watches to doctor watches, the best tool watch that suits your profession.

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November 22, 2021
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I’ve been hearing the same saying over and over again; to support your expertise, you are in need of professional gear. I seconded that. I can’t perform my task as a travel writer if I have neither my laptop nor my creative, honest brain. My friend can’t take any shots of wildlife as a photographer should his camera decide not to work. Joking aside, let me beg a question, or two. To accompany one’s journey to work, do we in desperate need of a tool watch? What is the best tool watch for one’s occupation?

No, we are not in desperate need of a tool watch. But, phew! It does help at a critical juncture, sometimes. My friend and I love to travel a lot. Aside from work, we enjoy being acquainted with Mother Nature. To see the flora and hear the fauna, it’s a great way to soften the pileup tension from the bustling city. Since we have our respective jobs, we can’t always be together. That’s when a good tool watch is helpful; it is sturdy and tells the time. Smartphones can’t really do the job, and who wants their smart device to crack and bump around?

What is a tool watch?

I think you have grasped the idea of a tool watch from my previous chatter. Although the definition is quite loose, we can say that the best tool watch is particularly made to accompany a professional such as dive watches for divers. It has other features besides just telling the time, for instance, a chronograph, unidirectional bezel, and GMT function.

Seiko 5 Sports “Military Style” Black - Nylon Ref. SBSA117
Seiko 5 Sports “Military Style” Black – Nylon Ref. SBSA117

The most important part of the best tool watch is its accuracy and durability to withstand harsh terrains, water splashes, magnetic fluctuations, and so on. In addition, it must be compatible with you and your line of work. In my case, it’s a field watch (made for military purposes). One in my collection is Seiko 5 Sports “Military Style”. It’s simple yet durable, with several scratches. I’ve been with it for months, to travel across woods and places worth vacation.

Who is it for?

Can one get the following best tool watches under 1000 even though they’re not moving around? Of course! The essence of any watch is still the same, as a timekeeper. Everyone may get it as long as the style, design, or function is to your liking. However, if you’re engaged in a specific field of work, it’s better to get one that matches your profession.

To illustrate, a dive watch. It is reliable as a tool for divers as the watch aids in tracking the amount of time and breathing gas for underwater activity. A dive watch, such as the Marine Mojave of Dievas, facilitates the diver to measure the safe time of descending underwater and ascending to the surface using its ceramic, rotating bezel.

Aside from 500m water resistance, it has an automatic Helium Release Valve (HEV) which helps to release the trapped helium in a watch. Thus, it creates better protection from saturation diving. Another vital point of a dive watch is highly clear legibility. Marine Mojave is able to glow a bright and consistent blue lume under low light intensity. The stainless steel case and calf strap are also durable for underwater adventures. So, it’s clear. You have to remember this piece of information to get the best tool watch for diving.

Aristo Flieger 42 Blue Chronograph 4H174M - Sapphire
Aristo Flieger 42 Blue Chronograph 4H174M – Sapphire

As the name suggests, an aviator watch is made and dedicated for any job related to aviation: navigators, commercial or military pilots. The overall look is designed to be appropriate for the aviation industry. The design of the dial is pretty large with contrasting colors, luminous indices, and hands. It is to enhance legibility during day or night flights. Also, the big crown supports one to have an easy grip of winding and hacking the watch. Aristo’s Flieger Automatic Chronograph 4H174M is the classic example with a sunburst blue dial and 42mm in case diameter. The white Arabic hour markers and hands glow brightly for conditions in the dark. 

Flieger Automatic Chronograph is suitable as a racing watch, too. A racing watch does a calculation as a timekeeper to measure times, distances, and speeds. Hence, the chronograph features a tachymeter function. The tachymeter scale is on the dial with other ​3 white subdials to register the time elapsed. On top of it, the watch has a domed sapphire crystal; it maintains the watch view from many angles while strengthening its resistance to scratches.

Mido Multifort Patrimony Blue 40mm Ref. M040.407.16.040.00
Mido Multifort Patrimony Blue 40mm Ref. M040.407.16.040.00

Now, this term might come unfamiliar to some, a watch specifically made for doctors. It’s basically a watch with a pulsation scale. To put it into use, a doctor, nurse, or you can check your beat rate on the neck or wrist by starting the pulsometer. You can count the heartbeat per minute while looking at the watch’s second hand. Multifort Patrimony Ref. M040.407.16.040.00 from Mido can assist you in such calculations. If it counts under 100 beats per minute, you need to pay more attention to your health.

These affordable tool watches cover many functions for a particular occupation. They are different in some parts yet work all the same as a timekeeper. Take a note of each characteristic should you require a specific, best tool watch.

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