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5 Best Watches for Nurses: Which One Do They Need?

Nurse is one of the jobs that requires accuracy in time. Make sure you have the tool for it.

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August 16, 2021
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I have heard some thoughts about watches from those who are into horology. They mostly see them as arts, craftsmanship, and histories that should be appreciated. But, today I would like to talk about watches from a nurse’s perspective, who happens to wear a watch everyday to work. I’ll start with what a nurse sees in a watch to what timepieces are considered to be the best watches for nurses.

First thing first, I had this interview with my sister. She is a nurse. She has several black wristwatches ⎯not the luxury ones⎯ in her drawer. It is not because she collects them, it’s just that her watches are easily damaged. Instead of repairing it, she always buys a new one. And now she only has one piece to wear everyday to work, meaning the others are not working. It shows that she does expertize in giving injections but not in choosing watches. Enough about that, let’s hear what my sister, as a nurse, thinks of a watch.

Watches were important to nurses

Watches were important to nurses. They wore it to work because it helped them to record the patient’s vital signs. Unfortunately, since the pandemic hit, nurses rarely use wristwatches to prevent any risks such as infection or the spread of viruses and bacterias. 

There’s also a type of a pocket watch called fob a.k.a a medical watch that used to be worn by nurses besides a wristwatch, my sister added. This timepiece is quite unique because the face is inverted where the 12 o’clock is at the bottom. A lot of nurses had it hanging on their uniform. But now, the role of a timepiece has been replaced by a pulse oximeter. So, no more counting on the ticker, this device would let you know the pulse rate as well as the oxygen saturation of the patient. 

Pros and cons of wearing wristwatches for nurses

A watch used to be a significant tool for nurses, but it was never needed for other nurses even long before the pandemic. It was because: (1) a wristwatch is very close to the hand that makes contact directly from one patient to another. It has potential in transferring bacterias which leads to infection, (2) it snags the glove, and (3) nurses wash their hands many times, so the chances are whether water gets into your watch or it gets rusted. Plus, devices in the hospital typically have time format on them.

I still need and wear it, but not when I am on shift

Now nurses, or me, still see a wristwatch as an important tool, for a time teller and fashion, of course. I wear it to work, but it is not a part of my uniform any more like it used to be. I would take it off when I am on my shift, and put it back on my wrist when my hands are already washed and ready to go home.”

As long as it is readable and ticking, it would be the best one

My sister was not sure about what kinds of timepieces are considered as the best watches for nurses. Each of them has their own preference in choosing a wristwatch. But, for her, she loves it when the watch is black and offers great legibility and long battery life. “As long as I can read the hours clearly and it ticks for years, that’s my best watch for nurses. It has to be black, too.

Best watches for nurses

That’s my nurse-sister’s opinion about watches for nurses. I agree that transmission of microbes can occur through a wristwatch, especially in this pandemic situation. However, it does not mean you can’t buy a watch. It is okay to purchase it now and wear it to work when the pandemic is over, besides your timepiece would be worth a lot more than the retail price by that time. Also, I can conclude that nurses need watches which are highly readable and resistant to water and corrosion. If you are interested, here are my recommendations of best watches for nurses. 

Seiko 5 Sports “Military Style” Ref. SBSA117

Seiko 5 sports is addressed for active people, just like nurses who spend the day moving from bed to bed. The materials used to build this timepiece are not questionable. Let’s take one example from the most important part of the watch, the movement. It is powered by Seiko’s in-house automatic movement ‘Caliber 4R36’ that makes the watch last a lifetime. Just move your hand, and it will run. This wristwatch does fit your job best.

Seiko 5 Sports “Military Style” Ref. SBSA117
Seiko 5 Sports “Military Style” Ref. SBSA117

Aristo Flieger Blue 42 Bracelet – 7H100 – Sapphire

Flieger is a pilot watch series from Aristo which offers high legibility. Not only pilots, nurses also seek this offering. The bold Arabic numerals let you have a clear sight even if you are in a room with no light. Thanks to SuperLuminova because it lets the markers and hands glow in the dark. There’s also a date window to help you remember the date while you’re filling out the patient’s chart. Moreover, the 42mm case qualifies the watch as one of the best watches for male nurses. 

Aristo Flieger Blue 42 Bracelet - 7H100 - Sapphire
Aristo Flieger Blue 42 Bracelet – 7H100 – Sapphire

Marathon GSAR Government Diver Ref. WW194006BK

SInce your job requires you to always wash your hands, a watch with a water resistance is what you are looking for. It is more than just waterproof, it can withstand the water pressure up to 300m depth. So, the splash from the tap has never been its enemy. Not to mention the rubber strap that repels water. This is one of the best waterproof watches for nurses.

Marathon GSAR Government Diver Ref. WW194006BK
Marathon GSAR Government Diver Ref. WW194006BK

Yema Flygraf Pilot M1 – Bracelet

If you are not a rubber watch strap fanatic, but corrosion is what you fear, then try out this Yema watch. Both the case and bracelet are made of 316L stainless steel. As we know, stainless steel is anti-corrosive and scratch resistant. It does not only hold the watch’s value but also its look. 

Yema Flygraf Pilot M1 - Bracelet
Yema Flygraf Pilot M1 – Bracelet

Marathon MSAR NGM Diver Ref. WW194026BRACE-MA-WD

Another Marathon is on my list of best watches for nurses. The legible marking on the white dial, especially the red second hand, make an efficient design for readability. Apart from that, the watch also has 300m water resistant and sapphire crystal that will protect it from accidental splashes and bumps.

Marathon MSAR NGM Diver Ref. WW194026BRACE-MA-WD
Marathon MSAR NGM Diver Ref. WW194026BRACE-MA-WD

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