Damasko dive watch DSub50
Damasko dive watch DSub50 - Source: Damasko Watches

Damasko Dive Watch DSub50: A Fascinating Piece for Underwater

An impressive package of performance and material.

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May 16, 2022
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The popularity of the Damasko watch brand is undoubtedly remarkable as a high-quality German-made mechanical watch manufacturer. Many longtime watch enthusiasts adore the materials used to create Damasko’s watches, such as super-hard alloys for watch cases and component manufacturing — giving superior technical characteristics. Not to mention a list of patents made under the name of Damasko after an extensive amount of research – no other than to make the most reliable timepiece for its consumers. Among many, the Damasko dive watch is one of the company’s most coveted editions. They managed to produce a well-built and reliable dive watch along with impressive features and sturdy designs.

The latest dive watch that also gains lots of attention among watch enthusiasts is the DSub50. A simple and handsome-looking dive watch with a range of great features to be impressed. In this article, I’m going to go a little deeper into the watch. Let’s get straight to it!

A Glance of Damasko Dive Watch DSub50

What is your first impression of the DSub50? Let me go first! A fascinating tool watch that exudes simplicity and a feeling of a lightweight timepiece. Its overall appearance comes in black and white for giving an elegant and handsome presence. This watch boasts of its watch case material that is exclusively sourced from German. In addition to that, Damasko proudly presents its in-house technology at the heart of this watch. So, bear with me to take a closer look at the intricate parts of the Dsub50.

Damasko dive watch DSub 50
Damasko dive watch DSub 50
Source: Damasko Watches

Watch Case

Quality is the foremost detail for every watch brand including Damasko dive watch collections. The case of DSub50 is equipped with austenitic submarine steel originally sourced from German. This watch material is one of the advanced technology that Damasko provides for its consumers. How does it differ from the common types of steel used for wristwatches?

The austenitic submarine steel comes with impressive strength, durability, and ductility. That makes a perfect fit for the DSub50 designed as an underwater tool watch. All Damasko dive watch line-ups are introduced with this durable material. Besides the ductility, submarine steel has a high anti-magnetic quality and resistance to corrosion, especially when consistently used in seawater. 

As the name mention, submarine steel is the type that is mostly used to build submarines. You wouldn’t doubt its durability anymore for underwater applications. Therefore, it makes an ideal material for the DSub50 that eagers to give durability and a long lifespan.


As you can expect from a Damasko dive watch when it comes to reliability, the DSub50 is driven by a tried and tested Damasko in-house movement the A26-2 made in German. The movement comes with a variety of features to drive the watch reliably. This is a self-winding movement equipped with bidirectional pawl winding.

The movement is regulated to provide high precision for the Damasko dive watch in 5 positions. Not to mention the 42-hour of power reserve, 20 ruby bearings, 28,800 half oscillations/ hour, some licenses of anti-magnetic according to DIN 8309 and shock-proof according to DIN 8308. Compared to the previous release of the A26-1, Damasko added a date feature positioned at a special position. 


As a dive watch, the bezel is a crucial feature that should be set in reliable performance and easy operation. As one of the impressive Damasko dive watches, the DSub50 features a hardened rotating bezel made of ice-hardened stainless steel and is equipped with 3 ceramic ball detents as a marker for exact positioning. This unidirectional bezel also has a countdown function with 55-5 bezel division. 

In addition to that, the bezel also features one of the remarkable Damasko patents which is the DAMEST® coating for a legit strength, scratch resistance, and flexibility. That way it makes the best for a better lifespan of the bezel. The markers of the bezel are made in-house with laser and white multi-component paint. It helps to prevent chipping of the paint or abrasion in long use. Aiming for clear legibility in a dark environment, the bezel has been lumed with Luminova™ C1 Grade X1 for low-light viewing.

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Moving on to the display of the watch, this Damasko dive watch perpetuates a simple yet bold appearance. The black dial is only filled with watch hands, hour-markers, second hand, brand name and logo, and date marker. All are painted in white making a crisp contrast with the dial background. For clear legibility in low light conditions, the hands and hour markers have been coated with white Luminova. 

Protecting the dial is the cambered sapphire crystal equipped with a special anti-reflective coating. That is applied on both sides resulting in easy readability in any light conditions. Besides, Damasko also applied a UV-resistant crystal seal for all of their watch collections.


The watch crown of the DSub50 is also made of Damasko’s submarine steel. Aside from offering durability, this Damasko dive watch also features an impressive watch crown system. For a diver, a watch crown is essential, such as for using the timer function. Easy-grip is one of the features that most dive watch enthusiast looks for. As such, Damasko couldn’t just ignore not giving out the best one. 

The DSub50  is equipped with a screw-down added with triple-sealed for maximum protection even when constantly used underwater. To top it off, Damasko ensures its consumers that in a screwed-down position, the setting stem is disengaged from the crown. That way, any pressure or vibration won’t be passed on to the piece. The crown also has a legit lubricant cell as Damasko’s patent to give a life for many years ahead.   

Watch band

Comfortability is indeed everything about wearing a timepiece as you might want to wear it all day long. This Damasko dive watch features an extremely cozy waterproof “Sport” rubber band. It comes in black resulting in an all-black watch appearance. Damasko decided to give a signed bead-blasted deployment buckle for this DSub50. You can easily make a new look for the strap as the watch is equipped with drilled lug holes for convenient strap changes.

Other details

As you’ve read the aforementioned details, this Damasko dive watch possesses a list of great features you should not miss. Talking about the watch dimensions, it comes in a bold size, 43mm in diameter and 12.6mm in thickness. Despite its big diameter, the watch weighs 98.00g without the strap. Also, as a reliable Damasko dive watch, you can take this enchanting piece for your great underwater explorer — it has 300m of water resistance. 

Damasko is a watch brand that you can always trust for the impressive materials used in its watch collections. DSub50 is one of its kind that comes in impressive performance along with Damasko’s patents. Introduced as a reliable Damasko dive watch, this timepiece is a legit time-telling especially considering the price of $2,280.

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