Dievas Maya MK III review
Dievas Maya MK III Black

Dievas Maya MK III Review: A Package of Befitting Watch

Elevate your diving experience to the utmost

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January 11, 2023
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Dieva was established in 2006 as a German watch brand that boasts highly durable watches. Many of their collections are adored for their high-quality crafts and tactical-looking timepieces

Along with its unique design, the timeless and dynamic watches gain a massive following due to Dievas’ enduring Teutonic manufacturing. And one particular collection that offers all of those traits well is the Dievas Maya lineup that we’re going to talk about in this review. 

In this article, we specifically talk about Dievas Maya MK III as the latest edition of the highly successful MK I and MK II. Coming as the third generation, the watch still follows the design philosophy with several improvements on the dimensions. Dievas has significantly reduced the size of the case to build a more versatile daily wearing experience. 

There’s more to explore in this watch, so without further ado, let’s get started!

What to Look at Dievas Maya MK III

As the most recent edition, Dievas Maya MK III brings something new to the community. This German manufacturer definitely offers the right thing for the customer in order to survive in this competitive market. So, what can you expect?

Durability, performance, and style might be a glance that summarizes what can you get within this timepiece. The watch is built with high-quality material to give a rugged construction. As for the performance, Dievas equipped the watch with an automatic movement that is said to be a thoroughbred.

Dievas Maya MK III Black
Dievas Maya MK III Black

While for the appearance, you might want to judge the design by looking at the picture below. A trendy and stylish tool watch with a bold and solid design. It comes in a simple view but is enchanting enough to attract and please the eye. Not to mention the full matte look that accentuates a professional look.

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Dievas Maya MK III Review

Dievas Maya MK III is a dive watch designed to meet the diver’s needs with an overbuilt and reliable performance. Let’s take a closer look at each element and see how it pleases your taste. 

A Robust Germany Timepiece

Durability is what German watch brands always highlight on their watches and the same also goes for Dievas Maya MK III. To prove that point, this watch case is crafted from 316L stainless steel and CNC machined in Germany using modern equipment. The case is then polished and finished by the professional watchmakers on site to remove tool marks and give a smooth matte look. 

Still, about the case, it is further elevated by the use of a dark-gray DLC finish. As a result, the surface hardness increases up to three to four times better than normal stainless steel – which also includes adding better resistance to corrosion and scratches. This process is applied to the crown and case back as well. 

Once you touch the watch, you can immediately feel the quality and cut above the rest. Dievas uses modern advanced technology to design and assemble every part of the watch and make them look great overall. The most “Teutonic” unsurpassed superlative quality is portrayed by the well-defined, clean lines and perfectly finished edges throughout the case.

Dievas Maya MK III Black
Dievas Maya MK III Black

Topping it off, as a professional rugged dive watch, this Maya MK III exhibits a list of features that you can rely on. It has a sturdy, precise, and upgraded 120-click ceramic timing bezel. Interestingly, you can swap the bezel for one with a different color. Dievas has allowed the wearer to easily remove the bezel from the screw on its side. 

The overbuilt is further elevated to its high water resistance capability. It can handle water resistance for up to 1000m/3000 feet with an additional automatic Helium Release Valve (HEV) on the crown side. Protecting the dial is a thick extra clear sapphire crystal for better legibility as well. While for the case back, the watch is equipped with a robust gasket.

Driven the watch is Dievas modified Swiss SW200-1 automatic movement. It beats at 28,800 bph which allows for 38 hours of power reserve. The engine’s reliability is said to be well-documented. If you notice, the case back comes in a close design in order to retain a great capacity for water resistance. 

Dievas Maya MK III ensures protection for every inch and part of the watch with robust quality. That said, you can feel safe that the watch can be worn for professional diving activity with great protection from water damage.

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A Captivating Look with Charming Style

We all want a timepiece that works best and looks great. Having a reliable watch with a captivating look is indeed a great combo and you can grab these in Dievas Maya MK III. Let’s talk about the dial first and see how it attracts your attention. 

At first impressions, the watch has already set the tone that this is a handsome, cool, and trendy timepiece. The highlight of the dial is a multi-layered dial design that combines both sandwich dial work and the embossing process. As a result, the watch comes with a refreshing dial that flaunts a unique and utilitarian charm. 

Dievas Maya MK III Black
Dievas Maya MK III Black

Another interesting thing to look at in the dial is the watch hands and markers. The minute and second hands are outlined in red for a better time-telling experience. It also features a premium design with “ghost” minute markers that only appear when they catch the light. The result is a sense of space on the dial that allows for a visually bigger watch as compared to the actual size. 

Talking about dimensions, the watch comes with a slimmer profile. It measured 41mm in diameter, 49mm lug-to-lug, and 13.8mm thick. This unisex sizing allows for a perfect daily beater. Along with a curved lug design, the watch perfectly wraps around the wrist.

As previously mentioned that Dievas allows the wearer to swap colors for the bezel. As such, the wearer can customize the watch look as Dievas offers several color options with vivid colors in both single and bi-tones. 

Last but not least is the redesigned crown located at the 4 o’clock position. The aim is to give a smoother crown operation and engraved with the Dievas logo for more identity.

Concluding Thought 

As you’ve read above, Dievas Maya MK III offers a wide range of features as an upgraded edition from the previous editions. There’s more to expect and you can definitely rely on this watch for a great diving experience. It offers a reliable performance with its modifies Swiss SW200-1 automatic movement and 1000m water resistance.

For the looks, it also provides something unique by allowing the wearer to swap looks with only one timepiece. Not only that the wearer can swap the straps but also bezel customization to give a fresh new look. Experience wearing a complete package of this reliable and befitting dive watch for your daily companion.

If you want to look closer at the watch visually, we’ve covered the review on our YouTube channel as well. Go for a better understanding here

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