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Top 6 Picks of Dress Watches for Men to Finish Your Look

Looking for the perfect watch to pair with your tuxedo or suit?

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January 20, 2023
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Looking for timepieces to complete your formal look? A dress watch is a perfect match for you as it is designed to go with a suit or tuxedo. As a start, you may have to begin your search for the best dress watches for men that suit you.

Generally, dress watches are the standard of formal attire compliment, but as fashion is ever-evolving and lately leaning toward comfort, wearing a dress watch is not restricted to formal attire. By having dress watches, you can accentuate your formal look, as well as boost your casual appearance.

Interested in collecting dress watches but still unsure about choosing the right one for you? We got you! Here are our top picks of dress watches for men.

Top 6 Picks of Dress Watches for Men that Enhance Your Look

Dress watches are the wise choice to finish off your formal look or even enhance your casual appearance. Nevertheless, dress watches often lack complications as the designs are meant to complement and accent your formal attire. 

Thus, there are several things to pay attention to while choosing the dress watches that are right for you. The first one is the thickness. A dress watch should be in a slim profile, so you have to look for dress watches with a thickness under 10 mm. 

Secondly, the movements. There is no set standard for the movement of dress watches, but still, it is better to consider the movement that is practical for you. And the last one is the strap or bracelet of the watches. Try to look for dress watches with high-quality leather or steel that will give you luxe. 

Start your search for the ideal dress watches for men that suit you by checking out the information below!

Aristo Dessau Automatic Edition 7H108 – Sapphire

Our first pick goes to Aristo Dessau Automatic Edition 7H108 – Sapphire. The neat and minimalistic dial delivers an elegance that will be perfect to be worn for both professional and casual occasions. Additionally, the blue dial has a sunburst dark blue hue that will change from evening blue to midnight blue, depending on the light. 

The Dessau Automatic Blau is exclusively made for Gnomon. It has a flat sapphire crystal, a 38.55 mm case, and a thickness of only 10 mm, which gives you the charm of a dress watch with a slim profile. Moreover, the high-quality leather for the strap made from genuine calf leather with alligator embossing provides you with a classical image that fits casual and formal occasions.

In addition, this watch is powered by Swiss Made ETA 2824-2 automatic, allowing you to experience the beauty of mechanical watches. You can buy the watch with all of these incredible features for just $460.00 USD.

Glycine Combat 6 L Blue

The second pick goes to Glycine Combat 6 L Blue. It provides you with the elegance that would be the perfect fit for a dressy character. The gorgeous deep blue dial with a spiral pattern that makes it stand out will give you a unique image.

With the renowned history of Glycine that is delivered in the watch, you will receive a value of heritage. Additionally, the slim case profile of only 9.7mm will let you experience the charm of a dress watch and gives a sophisticated look on your wrist.

To add up, it is driven by ETA 2824-2 and a 25/26 jewel movement that is renowned for the workhorse movement with a 4Hz beat rate of 28,800bph and a 38 hours power reserve. Plus, you can use this watch while swimming as it has a water resistance of 100m. All of that could be yours for just $490.00 USD.

Aristo Aviator Vintage 4H451 – Sapphire

The third is the Aristo Aviator Vintage 4H451-Sapphire. It is a classical vintage timepiece that carries a fragmented history of classical pilot watches captured by Aristo. The stunning brown leather strap that accentuates the old-school glamor as a casual dress watch for men will certainly give you a masculine look that is perfect for both casual and formal looks.

An exclusively made-for-Gnomon with a dimension of 38.55mm, a lug-to-lug distance of 43.5mm, and a thickness of 9.5mm will let you experience the beauty of a thin dress watch for men. Moreover, you will get the experience of a mechanical watch charm through the manual-winding movement that is powered by NOS Durowe 451. All of these charms will only cost you $770.00 USD.

Mido Baroncelli Smiling Moon Gent White

The next pick goes to Mido Baroncelli Smiling Moon Gent White, allowing you to enjoy the everlasting beauty of the Rennes Opera House, which served as Mido’s inspiration when it was originally made popular in the 1960s. 

As a white dress watch for men, it will undoubtedly give you the glam look that is perfect for formal occasions. Moreover, the dimension of 39mm in diameter, 44mm lug-to-lug, and a thickness of 7.3mm give you a thin dress watch for men that would fit snugly on your wrist.

Additionally, the movement is powered by Automatic Mido Caliber 72 and allows you to experience the beauty of mechanical watches in a practical way. It will cost you $995.00 USD, and it is completely worthwhile.

Mido Baroncelli Chronometer Silicon Antracite

The fifth one is the Mido Baroncelli Chronometer Silicon Antracite. It provides you with a classical image inspired by the architecture’s grandeur in the 18th century. Moreover, it is designed as a dress watch that accentuates and gives off an old-school, classic, and glam look.

The dimensions available in the stainless steel case measuring 40mm wide and 46mm lugs to lugs, make it the ideal fit even for the slenderest wrist. And with a thickness of 9.43mm and a high-quality leather strap, you can experience the allure of dress watches for men that are great to be worn at business meetings and romantic dinner dates.

It is powered by an automatic caliber 80Si based on the ETA C07.821 and has an 80-hours power reserve, giving you the practicality of an automatic mechanical watch. This beautiful dress watch costs $995.00 USD, and it is absolutely worth every penny.

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Rado True Square Automatic Blue

Last but not least, Rado True Square Automatic Blue. It is a dress watch for men that offers heritage and durability. It is created with a precise and sophisticated process that makes it become extremely durable, lightweight, and hypoallergenic.

Furthermore, the dimensions of 38mm, a lug-to-lug distance of 48mm, and a thickness of 9.6mm will make it perfectly sit on your wrist and give an elegant effect. Additionally, the square-shaped case gives it a more refined appearance with a much more harmonious design that gracefully downs to the integrated bracelet.

It is powered by the self-winding movement of Swiss ETA C07.611 with a 25-jewel movement at a 3Hz rate of 21,600 bph, which enables hand winding and hacking. You can get this watch for $2,150.00 USD, and this definitely makes your money worth it.

Choosing the best dress watches for men that suits you could be difficult. But, the ideal option is to go with one that has a small profile and complements both formal and casual attire like the watches in our top picks above.

Our top pick of dress watches for men are the most wonderful watches to pair with your tuxedo or suit or even to enhance your casual look. Hopefully, it will give you insight into choosing the right dress watches to compliment your looks.

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