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Exclusive Watches: The Treasures Worth for a Collection

The scarcity, features, and collectability of coveted watches.

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November 26, 2021
Gnomon Watches
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As a person who delves into horology, I’ve come across the word “exclusive” in every possible chance. Products of inventions from long ago to now have deemed distinctive characteristics to possess the symbol of exclusivity. Exclusive watches are no exception. Several renowned watch brands produce exclusive, unique timepieces to offer the best value yet are limited in availability. That is the conventional definition of exclusive.

In the domain of horology, everyone — watch collectors and aficionados — spare no expense to get their hand on one exquisite exclusive timepiece. They offer quality that makes them deserve the title. What are the standards for watches to hold the word exclusive? Let’s discuss said term in the following section of this article.

Are exclusive watches worth being in collections?

At this stage, I am certain that each person has a different point of view related to what makes an exclusive watch valuable. I hold no intention to be the know-it-all on this. However, the next points explain my personal perspective of exclusive watches to collect, as I am also one of the geeks of owning them.


What does scarcity mean? Is it only about the number? My view on this is yes but it isn’t about the mere number. I consider an exclusive watch to be special if only the demand vastly exceeds the supply. Meaning, the manufacturer makes the watch scarce in total, or discontinuation if the watch is sold out.

However, one-of-a-kind watches differ from exclusive. They are the only ones in this world. That makes them unique pieces. We can say that the term “limited edition” claims the exclusiveness of a watch. Let’s use this 50 ATMOS Scuba from Squale as an example. As a part of the Gnomon Exclusive collection, the watch has a limited edition to 200 pieces.

Squale 50 ATMOS Scuba
Squale 50 ATMOS Scuba

Yet, exclusive watches do not mean the pieces are necessarily more desirable than the others. That’s why it needs an individual character to back the term. If you love water sports or are into professional diving as I am, 50 ATMOS Scuba is worth owning or collecting. It utilizes the notable “von Büren” case in fully-polished stainless steel and water resistance of 500m. Its character also stems from an original “Diver Down” insignia at the lower part of the dial.

Tactile and aesthetic properties

We all know that the world of horology invents a considerable number of excellent designs and techniques. Their particular tactile and aesthetic properties are the traits to set a watch apart from the sea of watches. Though the judgment is subjective, tactile and aesthetic properties heed the atmosphere and value of an exclusive piece. I believe exclusive watches with nice visual and physical touches are valuable.

My definition of nice might differ from most others. They vary in number but allow me to limit the meaning. My choice on this is either vintage or contemporary watches with a minimal aesthetic. I hold no prejudice against a busy-looking watch. Yet, a minimal design on a watch dial can make me grin from ear to ear. The fine, polished appearance and touch of a watch are what I am searching for.

There are so many watch brands that focus on producing such pieces. An example is the MING watches, especially the Ming 27.02 in a guilloché dial and minimal symmetrical appearance. This Ming watch replaces the number of 12 to 0 for the hour marking. The unique 0 adds harmonious balance to the overall symmetrical look of the watch, another singular character of the brand. It was only 200 pieces in production.


Some want to just focus on vintage, exclusive watches. And, that’s okay. I suppose you can’t resist the unique, nostalgic feel of the watch. Vintage watches are collectible in the sense that they are old enough and have good condition. Old doesn’t only tell about the age. It contains the history of the watch from the brand to the previous owners. While the state of the watch tells you how many it has been used, dropped, or bumped to another solid matter.

I can say two names of watches that are famously known among many watch enthusiasts for this case, Rolex Daytona Paul Newman ref. 6239 and Omega Speedmaster ref. CK 2998 made in the 60s. Daytona set its record as a notable racing watch when Paul Newman wore it on the races. Speedy is known as the first official chronometer of NASA to be worn on the moon.

Both watches are increasingly worth collecting as time goes by. Due to the long waiting list to get your hands on Rolex Daytona and the discontinuation of Omega Speedmaster, the demand is in a frenzy for quite a while. Not to mention, the flourishing history of these two brings a greater value for these vintage and exclusive watches to collect. 

With all of that being said, I believe that exclusive watches are worth the attention for the hype. Yet, a limited edition doesn’t necessarily mean the watches are higher in quality than any others. The sense and challenge of getting a special edition are what watch lovers look for. Their scarcity, tactile and aesthetic properties, and collectibility can be the considerations to get one for oneself.

Gnomon Watches first opened her doors for business online in early 2002, founded by bona fide horology suitors who share a profound passion for watchmaking and fine craftsmanship.

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