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The Irresistible Grey Watches: From the Dark Side to Fair Tone

Appealing beauty of grey watches that come in diverse shades and combinations.

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November 24, 2021
Gnomon Watches
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Close to black but also close to white, that’s how awkward the position of grey is. Grey is known as a neutral yet unresponsive color. It’s gloomy. The best illustration of it will be your dark cloudy day or perhaps, your gloomy Monday? I am not kidding. Some people indeed view grey as such. Regardless of the interpretations, men’s grey watches have been on the rise for these past few years. I am truly not kidding as well now. 

As grey reaches the dark though, it exudes another charm: a mysterious and balanced sense of conformity. As grey reaches the bright, it has the perception of futurism, intelligence, and modesty. I guess that is the reason why a group of grey devotees existed, including me. As the demand is on the rise, several watch brands insist on satisfying the needs of the people by creating outstanding men’s grey watches. The use of grey-colored materials can be seen on the watch’s grey dials, bezels, and other basic components. After all, the grey color is wearable in regular social situations.

Also, grey is really suitable as a single hue on monochromatic color schemes. As a result of its neutrality, it, too, stabilizes the balance with other colors in the spectrum. Another reason for you to be on the side of grey is; according to color psychology, the ones who love grey are great at having a stable emotional state. Thus, they are able to protect their sense of self. Now, who doesn’t want to be seen as such? They’re not us.

I’ve spilt the beans of the interpretations of grey color. If you’re still with me, let’s check those meanings onto the following grey watches.

Duskish Grey in Hue

The desolate, duskish grey is nigh to black or to the deep shade of grey. Leaning into the darker side, it has a timeless and suave attractiveness. And, yes, this charming color also represents an emotionally distant feel. It’s like when you gaze into the forthcoming dusk while wondering about the beings up in the sky. The dusky sky is beautiful yet strangely distant. Alright, that’s a good analogy coming from me.

Alpina Startimer Pilot Automatic Gunmetal 40mm Ref. AL-525G3TS6
Alpina Startimer Pilot Automatic Gunmetal 40mm Ref. AL-525G3TS6

If we’re talking about the sky, I guess the best representative of professions is the pilot. Then, one of the stunning grey watches comes from Alpina with the dial of velvety dark grey; Startimer Pilot Automatic Gunmetal is the one right companion. Alpina is famously known for its splendid aviation timepieces. The combination of a dark grey dial, lustrous grey case, and black calf leather strap do the justice of a steady stealth look. It’s not just the colors. As the queen of the sky, this vintage military watch is supported with a sturdy sapphire crystal and stainless steel case with polished titanium PVD coating. Don’t forget its 100m water resistance and in-house AL-525 automatic caliber.

Mido Commander Big Date Silvertone Ref. M021.626.11.061.00
Mido Commander Big Date Silvertone Ref. M021.626.11.061.00

Meanwhile, Mido Commander Big Date Silvertone unveils the elegance of silver-tone: metallic grey dial and silver applied hour markers. Plus, the overall stainless steel case and bracelet blend beautifully with the watch. These other shades of duskish grey give away a balance of neutrality. Commander Big Date is not a pilot watch (in case you didn’t notice) but that of an old-school dress watch. Still, it’s a good pick for your business travel. Not to mention, this piece holds the rich history of Mido as one of the pieces made to commemorate the brand’s 100th anniversary.

Monochromatic Fair Grey Scheme

Monochromatic color schemes use variants of a sole color (the basis). The monochromatic schemes are popular in men’s grey watches. Several of them are set exclusively in shades of grey or grey monochrome. For a sample, Seiko 5 Sports “Street Style” Concrete Grey uses monochromatic lighter grey schemes. Shades of lighter grey show the perception of tranquillity. It melds the original attributes of grey with white. Besides tranquillity, I believe there is a hopeful bit of feeling.

Seiko 5 Sports “Street Style” Concrete Grey Ref. SBSA127
Seiko 5 Sports “Street Style” Concrete Grey Ref. SBSA127

However, a combination of pale grey might be too dull in a watch. Though the color is dynamic, it is also conservative. In this Seiko 5 Sports “Street Style”, the watch might look bland at first. Yet, that is the strong point of the watch. It neither stands out too much nor emits pressure. It’s just peacefulness. The watch highlights the brand’s five key principles; Ref. SBSA127 is no exception. It has 4R36 automatic movement, 100m water resistance, date-day complication, recessed crown, and a sturdy stainless steel case. The most noticeable is the concrete-colored and textured dial. It pairs pretty well the gainsboro indices and hand, slightly darker grey bezel, and grey nylon strap. A whole beauty of monochromatic fair grey scheme, I would say.

Men’s grey watches come in diverse shades and meanings. Above, I only give you the tiny specks among the world of grey colors. Still, I wish for the color balance, tranquillity, and seriousness to get into you

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