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Holiday Tips: The Guide on How to Travel with Watches

Your watches need the right and safe measurement.

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December 26, 2021
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Now is the time to throw yourself into a fun relaxation! After the busy days of work, it’s a good idea to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest with others or in private. I am sure that you already have a plan to either visit your relatives or travel on your own. Whatever the decision, the time is on your side to take a trip with your favorite watches. Still, you have to be thorough with the necessary essentials. It won’t be a great idea to take the whole collection whether it’s a short trip or a lengthy one. Can you take the most luxurious pieces with you? Should you wear one or two? Where to put the watch, in a carry-on bag or checked luggage? If you’re in doubt about how to travel with watches, you must consider the following holiday tips below!

Holiday tips: At home

Preparation is always the key to most holiday tips. I believe we’re in tune on this point. Before you choose how many watches to go with you, it’s preferable to check on the safety of your watches. When you’re away from home, the remaining watches in your collection need an ideal environment to stay in. A free of moisture watch safe is likely your best option. Alternatively, you can put your mechanical watches on a watch winder that will keep the watch running. Moreover, a practical and specific watch’ pouch can be the right place for the chosen travel watches.

There is also an insurance policy to cover any damages or unfortunate situations with your watches. Before you take off on a trip, it’s recommended to service or appraise your watches, especially the pieces over 5/6 digits in price. At this time, knowing the current watches’ value is in line with knowing the amount of your insurance coverage. So, take a look at the policy with the optimum services. Don’t forget to take pictures of everything related to the watches. That includes the important documents, original boxes, warranty cards, and conditions of the watches. Trust me, you won’t ever want to miss out on these photographs.

Which ones to take?

The next holiday tip is to look at your travel timetable. My rule of thumb on how to travel with watches is to only wear one versatile yet sturdy piece. It reduces the risk while giving peace of mind. As I don’t have to worry about the one that isn’t in my sight. Of course, you can bring more than one or two that depends on your travel timetable. If it’s a short visit to your relatives’ homes and no outdoor adventure, one dress or sporty watch is enough. 

On different activities, you can choose the watches that have better compatibility with the situation at hand. For example, a fun recreation on the beach means a dive watch on your wrist. Evening dinner with family or friends means an elegant piece on your wrist.

Holiday tips: At the airport

Should you decide to wear just one watch, don’t take it off for long. Of course, you need to remove it briefly for a security check. To avoid unwanted scratches while screening, it’s better to put the watch on your carry-on bag or pouch. Also, you can put your other watches in a durable case, in your carry-on bag before going to the airport. 

Never, you absolutely can’t place the watches in your checked luggage. It’s out of your eyesight. There are cases when one’s checked luggage is sent to a different location. Plus, it increases the risk of missing. I am not saying that it will certainly be gone, but it’s always a smart move to be safe than sorry.

Holiday tips: At the destination

Take a quick scan of your surroundings. If you’re somewhere with no one to trust, then the safety of your belongings is on your shoulder. Don’t flaunt your timepieces in bustling public places. You can find a closed space to set the time or wind the watch. In addition, keep them close to your sight at all times. If you have a plan to stay at a hotel, you can use the hidden safe somewhere in your bedroom. When there’s a time for you to take the watch off, it’s the time to put it in the safe.

That’s the holiday tips on how to travel with watches. Sometimes, less is more if you’re on vacation. Yet, the best experience means you get to enjoy the tiny, common detail with your timekeeping devices. On the way back home, you can double-check the condition of your watches. If necessary, you can bring the copy documents of your luxury and fine timepiece for a smooth check at the airport. Enjoy your holiday season and don’t miss out on our special offer at the Boxing Day sale. So, Merry Christmas!

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