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How to Change a Watch Battery: A Guide for the Watch Owner

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March 27, 2022
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You might notice your watch has been reading a bit late. Then, it stops completely. Now, you can only get your accurate time back with a change in battery. So, how to change a watch battery? There are usually two ways to go about it with the same materials and tools. I will detail the methods below.

Tools and Materials for How to Change a Watch Battery

Having the right materials and tools to change watch batteries is important in having a safe process and a satisfying outcome. Here are the things prepared for a battery replacement:

  • Tweezers
  • Screwdriver
  • Small knife 
  • Replacement battery

Bring it to the experts

If you feel that you do not have the right environment or tools to change watch batteries safely and soundly at home, I strongly recommend leaving it to the experts. Find several watch or repair shops nearby and compare their prices and service. Then, choose the ones you find reliable and appropriate to your allocated budget.

Taking your watch to a professional for a watch repair shop reduces the chance of amateur mistakes and the costly damage to the internal parts of the watch when doing it yourself. Be prepared to put aside extra cash for the battery replacement services.

Fix it up yourself

The right materials are available and you are confident in wanting to learn how to change a watch battery safely on your own – let’s not forget that you must have a proper working environment to do this. A handy tip for doing it yourself is to use gloves to avoid damage to the watch. Aside from that, opt for plastic as materials in the tools to change watch batteries as metal can induce electrical shocks.

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The Steps on How to Change a Watch Battery 

Regardless of whether you take your watch to the store for a professional replacement or buy the battery and replace them yourself, the process to go through is pretty much similar. Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to change a watch battery:

1. Remove the back of the case

The first step in how to change a watch battery is to remove the back or lid of the case of your watch. Most watches come with snap-off back panels with small gaps allowing you to take the cover off carefully.  

With the flat part of the screwdriver or a small knife, put pressure on the gap and twist it until the cover becomes loose. Some watches have backs with gaps large enough to use a flat tool such as a coin to pry the cover loose. Others require the use of a screwdriver to release the screws and the back of the case.

2. Place the gasket on the side

Identify and remove the plastic covering or rubber ring you see to show the inner parts of the watch. If it has a stronghold, use the edges of a small knife or a tweezer to release them. 

3. Find and remove the battery

Next, locate the battery. Removing it from the watch will require a plastic tweezer if it does not come out easily. Finding the battery replacement will need the information of the serial number of the part usually located on the battery itself or the watch case.

4. Put in the new battery

After finding the replacement battery, determine which part of the battery faces upwards on the watch and gently place accordingly with a tweezer. 

5. Check to see if the watch works

Before replacing the gasket, flip your watch to see if the hands have started to move again. If your watch hasn’t worked yet, reinspect that you installed the replacement battery properly. 

If the problem persists, consider taking the watch to a professional for a more thorough inspection. The usual suspects are a damaged watch or a faulty battery.

6. Restore the gasket and case

Your watch now works properly and shows its designated time. Next, replace the gasket into its correct position prior and follow the first step in reverse order to close the back cover of your watch.

Most watch batteries are designed to last 2 years with some sturdy ones going 4 to 6 years. There are also factors that affect the frequency of changing your watch battery such as how old your watch is, does your timepiece sport a host of features or do you live in humid temperatures? These can increase how often you replace the battery of your timekeeper.

Another tip for watches not in use and you want to preserve their batteries is to pull their crown to stop the time. This way, the idle watch in your collection can preserve their battery lives longer. Stay tuned to our Gnomon blog to find out more about the world of horology and tips for the watch collector out there.

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