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How to Clean Rubber Watch Band from Dirt and Grime

Keep your rubber band shiny, stylish, and convenient

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March 8, 2022
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Having a rubber watch band is indeed one way to go for outdoor activities. It’s not only durable but also comes in a great variety to make your watch appear stylish. Ignore the idea of vibrant colors that stick to the rubber watch band as you can choose the one that matches your time-teller. 

A perfect companion for your adventure, the rubber watch band is so comfortable that you don’t need to worry about splashing water or pouring rain. It’s simple yet stylish, sometimes sporty for a sleek look on your wrist, and most importantly is the material itself that won’t irritate your skin. 

However, rubber is still a rubber that won’t be a good choice for your formal attire. It is common for someone to have a rubber strap at sporty activities, such as surfing, swimming, or diving. Therefore, I would fully recommend you to have at least one of them for engaging in physical activities. 

Taking care of your rubber watch band is also part of the discussion in this article. It doesn’t take a hassle to clean a watch strap yet you do need to give a proper cleaning for it on a regular basis. Just like any other part of the watch, the strap is a significant one to be properly cleaned. 

Consider this, worn all day long under the sunlight while having a blast of surfing might pile up dirt in your rubber watch band. Not to mention, sweat and oil that will make the most of grime and dirt. Therefore, giving a regular clean is a must to extend your silicone watch band and keep its performance at optimum. 

So, how to clean a rubber watch band? The cleaning should not be difficult and you can do it by yourself at home. Giving regular care, such as every couple of weeks would keep the dirt and grime away. As for the supplies on how to clean rubber watch bands can be easily found in the nearby shops. Let’s dive into the list of supplies you need before going on to the steps.

Things you need to clean rubber or silicone watch band

  • Water
  • Baking soda
  • Cotton cloth or microfiber
  • Toothbrush or other soft brush
  • Rubbing alcohol (optional)
  • Liquid soap

How to clean rubber watch band

Before cleaning your rubber watchband, it would be better to remove the strap. Not only that it will keep the watch from any harm but also ensure that you have cleaned the strap thoroughly. You can try to take it off by unscrewing the lug bar. Make sure to do it safely.

Below are some steps on how to clean rubber watch bands easily:

  1. Use water or warm water to clean the overall part of the strap, such as the large piece of dirt that you can easily remove by hand. That way your rubber band should be relatively clean already. 
  1. Prepare soapy water and soak in your rubber strap for a few minutes. That will remove the remaining dirt and make it easier to be brushed.
  1. Brush the strap using a toothbrush or any soft brush. Please, make sure to not do it roughly, and better to do it in a circular scrubbing motion to clean everything perfectly. Finally, rinse the rubber strap and let it dry before putting it back.
  1. That would be the last step on how to clean rubber watch band if you don’t have any stains or spots on your strap. But, if you do try to apply a bit of baking soda or rubbing alcohol to loosen the stains. Just sprinkle the baking soda on the affected areas only and scrub it softly using the toothbrush. Then, rinse off any soap or baking soda using a cloth. 

Looking all shiny and clean, you’re ready to go with your rubber watch strap on the wrist. That is the overall thing you could do on how to clean rubber watch bands. It’s easy and doesn’t take much time compared to if you’ve already got a dirt buildup. 

After all, we can all agree that although trivial, the watch strap gives an important look for our watch – it’s visual! You wouldn’t go out with that looking all dirty. Therefore, keeping your rubber band clean would elevate its overall style and personality — if I would say.

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