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Leather vs Metal Watch Band: Which One is Better for You?

Both are a good pair for any watch

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May 31, 2022
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Choosing a watch strap is always tricky as one might suit to some types of straps. Among many, leather and metal watch straps are still the common and most favored ones. It’s without a doubt that both give different pleasure, charm, and comfort to the wearer. So, when it comes to leather vs metal watch bands, which one is right for you?

As for me, my answer depends as either leather or metal can be better in different circumstances. I might opt for a leather watch strap to give a formal and dandy look at a family gathering. But, when it comes to the formal meetings in the office, I will go for a metal watch strap. Nevertheless, this is my personal opinion and you might have a different choice. 

In addition to that, leather and metal watch bands can give a formal look. So, they can always be your way to go as long as you are comfortable and the strap looks fine with the watch. Both are made to give variety to watch enthusiasts and have different vibes by changing the watch straps. Isn’t that great to have one timepiece but you can give it a different look only by switching the strap.

With that being said, metal and leather watch straps have advantages on their own. But still, I know you might need some insights to get a perfect pair for your watch. In this article, I’m going to explore both types of straps and help you to find which one is the best matched! 

Leather Watch Strap

We can all agree that leather is a good choice for every formal meeting and casual gathering. It elevates elegance and casualty at the same time, resulting in a stylish appearance. Nowadays, leather comes in a variety of designs, styles, and colors — allowing the wearer to shift between one and another. Besides, a leather strap can make a good pair with other fashion accessories, such as a leather belt, shoes, and even a jacket.

In addition to that, leather is said to be more comfortable to wear than other straps. It stretches and adapts in no time to give a perfect wrap on the wrist. They are also less prone to undone as the buckle system used commonly makes a good grip on the wrist. Currently, the watchmaking industry makes leather out of many types of skins, such as ostrich, crocodile, and cow.

However, taking care of leather watch straps tends to be a hassle as they need special care. The strap can wear out over time and crack, especially if it’s not properly cared for. Therefore, avoid having water activities or sweaty sports while wearing a leather strap. They absorb water pretty well and, thus, can easily crack. In addition to that, give a regular cleaning to leather straps to give them a longer use.  

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Metal Watch Strap

Metal watch straps are the most common type used in wristwatches and make a great alternative to leather. It somehow gives out an expensive look — you can see many luxury and high-end watches paired with metal bracelets, such as in Omega and Rolex. 

When it comes to the material, metal watch straps are definitely bulletproof and can resist water or sweat well. Therefore, metal bracelets can also be easily found in tool watches, such as diving and sports watches. It would not wear out or stretch in a long-term use as long as well taken care of. Talking about the design, metal bracelet also comes in a variety of styles, such as Oyster, Jubilee, and Bonklip. Many watch brands also add a touch of jewelry on the bracelet to give exclusivity, such as gold finishing. 

However, compared to leather straps that can adapt to fit the wearer’s wrist, it’s quite complex for metal watch straps to get a perfect fit. You need to remove links to get a good grip of your watch on the wrist. Besides, a metal bracelet is more prone to coming undone. Yet, in many cases, high-end watch brands would overcome that problem by offering a better system for their clasps.

Leather vs Metal Watch Band: Which One is For You?

Having known the aforementioned facts about leather and metal watch band, we might agree that both types of straps can do better on certain occasions. Despite the truth that leather and metal would look good for formal activities, they have different uses and strengths. 

You definitely don’t want to get a leather strap in water as they are more prone to crack and stain. Yet, you might hesitate to wear metal bracelets in an extreme temperature environment as they can be very hot or cold. Leather straps can absorb sweat and dirt easily, not to mention it’s difficult to clean them. Yet, they can adapt to perfectly wrap your wrist. Metal bracelets are much easier to be cleaned and less prone to dirt or sweat but it’s quite a hassle to remove the links if you want to resize the bracelet.

So, which one is the perfect one for you? I believe that your answer would be quite the same as mine.

Whatever your choice and preference are, a watch strap can always give a good pair for your watch as long as you wear it confidently and comfortably. Talking about leather vs metal watch bands can’t always be in a single discussion to reach a consensus on which one is better than the other. 

In fact, each of them can give different advantages on their own charms. So, have you got the answer on which straps are your preference? You can always have more than one favorite. 

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