Mido Baroncelli Signature
Mido Baroncelli Signature Lady Colours - Special Edition Ref. M037.

Mido Baroncelli Signature Lady Colors Review: As Special As You

A great choice to switch styles easily

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January 10, 2023
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Mido has been known for its timeless and delicate design for years and today they bring it one level ahead. Introducing the Mido Baroncelli Signature Lady Colors, Mido captures a blissful package of timepieces with an array of colorful and feminine notes. This special edition offers the wearer five strap colors in soft shades. 

Looking all splendid and captivating, this collection also brings the beauty of mechanical watchmaking to its heart. Mido ensures the wearer excellent accuracy and impeccable reliability. That said, not only that it radiates stunning beauty but also lets you rely safely on the watch. 

In this article, we’re going to delve deeper into what the watches can offer and how they will delight your watch-wearing experience. Let’s get straight into it!

What to Expect in Mido Barocelli Signature

Mido is one of the well-known Swiss brands for its women’s watches collections. They’re not just elegantly charming but also bring uniqueness and captivating designs for the fans. The watch also comes in colorful enameled watches with innovative concepts and strap designs. Besides, Mido also reaches out to men who look for small-size wristwatches.

Mido Baroncelli Signature Lady Colours - Special Edition Ref. M037.
MidoBaroncelli Signature Lady Colours – Special Edition Ref. M037.

In this Mido Baroncelli Signature Lady Colours, the watch comes in such an interesting color palette. Baroncelli itself has been in production since 1976 with a small, elegant, narrow bezel and simple dial. In this latest edition, Mido introduced the watch in five pastel-colored straps, allowing the wearer to have other options.

That said, the watch offers a range of great features to fulfill your needs for a captivating timepiece. Below is the detail.

A Colorful Option for a Joyful Day

From the name “Lady Colours”, we can expect to see a list of colorful watches for women. The name refers to the choice of leather straps that are available in nude, grey, green, purple, and pink. It’s even designed to be easily changed without any tool. That allows the wearer to switch styles and looks in the blink of an eye.

The way Mido is playing with a palette of stylish hues creates fun, especially in the heart of mechanical watchmaking which is mostly known for being serious. Yet, regardless of the trendy and fun appearance, this Mido Baroncelli Signature still maintains excellent accuracy and reliability.

Mido Baroncelli Signature Lady Colours - Special Edition Ref. M037.
Mido Baroncelli Signature Lady Colours – Special Edition Ref. M037.

As the main philosophy of Mido that designs its watches in resemblance to famous and aesthetic buildings, this collection echoes the musical notes in relation to the Rennes Opera House. No one can actually resist the sparkle the watch offers from a thin polished border to the dazzling dial.

The watch dial is designed with a glistening white mother-of-pearl dial that can change in different light conditions. At the quarter hours (3, 6, 9, 12), you can notice precious diamonds to give a delicate view while reading the time. The diamond is also applied on the second hand, allowing for a more freshness to this truly radiant dial. 

Mido also adds an aperture for the date window at the 3 o’clock position, giving an additional point to the minimalist dial. On top of this dazzling dial is a domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides to ensure perfect readability.

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Reliable Performance for Daily Activities

As we’ve mentioned above, Mido Baroncelli Signature isn’t only about appearance but also a reliable performance – perfect for your daily companion. Giving a flip back to the case back, you’ll find a transparent sapphire crystal case back. It showcases the inner workings to give a reliable function.

The watch is driven by the automatic movement Mido Caliber 48 which is based on ETA C26.111. With this movement, the watch can offer a power reserve for up to 48 hours. Mido also makes its movement looks aesthetic and resembles an architectural building.

The oscillating weight in the movement is decorated with Geneva stripes that give a special look to internal parts as well. Topping it off, Mido also adds an advanced feature to accompany the delicate beauty of the watches. The watch is equipped with the innovation of a Nivachron™ balance spring.

The aim is to improve the timepiece’s accuracy, shock resistance, reliability, and durability, and even reduce its sensitivity to magnetic fields. With these features, you can still expect more as the watch is resistant to water for up to 50m – giving enough protection from the rain, splashes, and when washing the hand.

Final Thought

In this Mido Baroncelli Signature Lady Colors, the play of color spectrums definitely makes everything looks fancier and more captivating. Along with Mido’s philosophy in portraying the classic beauty of a building, this special collection successfully echoes the Rennes Opera House and statues of the Muses of Antiquity. Are you sure can resist the timeless beauty of the watch?

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