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Gradient Blue Ref. M021.407.11.411.01

Mido Commander Collection: Strong Name, Impeccable Concept

A strong look as the name implies

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January 9, 2023
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Mido collections are a series of captivating watches with unique and captivating watches. Started with Ocean Star Tribute with a list of dive watches and continued with Mido Multifort which flaunts a delicate beauty. Following those collections, Mido offers a classic and vintage design as presented in Mido Commander introduced in 1959. 

Within the Mido Commander collection, the company introduced a plethora of watches with a classic style. In addition to that, the collection also flaunts different colors and shades on the dial. Therefore, in this article, we’re going to take our top picks and discuss them in detail. Let’s check this out!

What Does Mido Commander Offer?

It’s been in the DNA of Mido watches to make watches with refined, classic, and timeless designs. They are also known for the high-quality mechanical movement that further enhances the appearance. In addition to that, Mido tends to pick an architectural design as the main inspiration,

The same also goes for Mido Commander that takes the Eiffel Tower as the muse of their watch designs. This collection has been in production since 1959. As the name implied, it is built with a strong concept and construction as well. Compared to Mido Rainflower, the Commander is bolder and bigger. If Rainflower is very much dedicated to women, this one still looks great on men.

Portraying the Eiffle Tower as the template of this collection, Mido definitely has a unique way to display the architecture in the most decent hints. It means that the building can’t be noticed at a single glance. That makes a tasteful portrayal that is far from superficial. 

In this collection, Mido also tried to be more revealing in displaying the technical side. As a result, Mido Commander is somehow more skeletonized and “architectonic”. This is where Mido unleashes wilder imagination yet still preserves a graceful appearance.

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Mido Commander Watches to Look Forward

Despite the fact that the Mido Commander appears in a more strong concept, this collection sets itself differently from other skeletonized watches. Let’s take a look at some models to look closer at the Commander.

Big Date Rose Gold Ref. M021.626.36.051.00

Let’s start with the dressy one, the Big Date Rose Gold which highlights a neat dial design but large size at 42mm in diameter. Despite being a minimalist dial, Mido never just gives common things on the watch face. The dial displays rose gold applied markers for its hour, done with multi-facets and luminous at their tips. 

Big Date Rose Gold Ref. M021.626.36.051.00
Big Date Rose Gold Ref. M021.626.36.051.00

The matte black dial is also accompanied by a big date display at the bottom at 6 o’clock – it managed to disrupt the dial view elegantly. Inside this elegant timepiece, the watch is powered by the automatic Mido’s caliber 80.651 with 25 jewels that allow for 80 hours of power reserve

Gradient Blue Ref. M021.407.11.411.01

This is where you can see the bolder side of Mido through the Commander Gradient Blue. Unlike other skeleton watches that mostly show the inside movement and lack of dial, Mido has its own concept to portray this beauty. The movement is elegantly covered under a translucent veil (an acrylic dial) that gives a smoky effect. 

Gradient Blue Ref. M021.407.11.411.01
Gradient Blue Ref. M021.407.11.411.01

As a result, the wearer can gradually see the movement from the darker edges toward the center – giving another sophistication to wearing the watch. This design is said to be more than just a classic Mido but also the austere technical of the Eiffel Tower. Mido tries to portray not only the beauty but also the sophisticated framework detail of the architecture.

Shade Blue Ref. M8429.3.25.11

Last on the list is the Commander Shade Blue which is as bold as it is captivating with the entirely black PVD appearance. The watch comes with an elegant round monocoque case with a streamlined design. The dial is designed with gradated finish in black and blue, allowing for an iconic and slim design.

Shade Blue Ref. M8429.3.25.11
Shade Blue Ref. M8429.3.25.11

The striking hues on the dial definitely make the main attraction, especially for bold enthusiasts of vintage and timeless watches. It offers a smoked sunray satin that makes a distinctive appeal while looking at the dial.

At the 3 o’clock position, the watch is equipped with a day-date window in white, giving a good contrast against the background. Topping it with a captivating and retro look, the watch is paired with a Milanese mesh bracelet in satin-finished steel and done in black PVD. 

Final Thought

In conclusion, Mido Commander offers a range of watches from ones with elegant looks to bold designs. There are many details in which Mido puts a meticulous effort to make a well-finishing. Topping it off, the watches come in proportional dimensions that wear perfectly by both men and women.

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