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Rose Gold Red Ladies Ref. M043.

Mido Rainflower Collection: Delicate and Timeless Design

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Januari 6, 2023
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As part of the Swatch Group, Mido is trustworthy when it comes to performance. But the highlight of the Mido collection is the innovation that has been part of Mido’s roots. One that we’re going to talk about is Mido Rainflower which flaunts elegance as a watch for women

The collection boasts a timeless design as presented in almost Mido collections. In fact, Mido Rainflower was launched in 2018 in a campaign #CreateYourMido. During that campaign, Mido fans are invited to participate and create their dream Rainflower watch. That includes the model of dials, choice of straps, use of precious gems, and case finishes. 

There is still more to explore about the Mido Rainflower collection and that’s what we’re going to do in this article. A delicate and refined collection that consists of timeless design timepieces. Let’s get into the review to look at each watch in detail.

Get to Know More with Mido Rainflower

Judging from the name and looking at the design alone, many might have thought that the Mido Rainflower is a collection dedicated to women. Although it doesn’t deny for anyone to buy and have it on their wrist. Mido itself has claimed that the Rainflower is about finesse and feminity.

The flower petals’ design resembles the Singaporean building, specifically the ArtScience museum which looks as if floating above the water. The general design, such as the lotus shape radiates a resolutely modern inspired from a pure design made in 2019. 

Mido also engraves the oscillating weight with a “Rainflower” design of intersecting lines that refer to the pillars inside the ArtScience Museum. The watch in this collection also flaunts delicate lines and gentle curves referring to the features that Rainflower shares with the building. 

Inspired by that architectural building, Mido managed to connect the inanimate thing into something more expressive as presented in the Rainflower collection. 

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Mido Rainflower Collection

Refined, understated, and timeless designs are things that are well-displayed in the Rainflower collection. As it is exclusively devoted to women, there are quite many options to choose from in this collection from the colors and even small details. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones.

Rose Gold Red Ladies Ref. M043.

First on the list is the Rose Gold Red which highlights a small profile and elements. It is gracefully sized 34mm in diameter which presents a touch of sophistication while still boasting a great wrist presence. It also comes in a thin size only at 9.8mm despite housing an automatic Caliber 80 movement

Rose Gold Red Ladies Ref. M043.
Rose Gold Red Ladies Ref. M043.

The white dial displays 8 enchanting genuine red rubies for the hour indices to match the captivating red leather strap. Further enhancing the details, Mido designed the case, bezel, and crown with shapes like the ArtScience Museum. Not only being visually stunning, but the crown’s design also allows a good grip for a smooth and gratifying operation.

Blossom Rose Gold Ladies Ref. M043.

The next Mido Rainflower looks a little bit bold with its skeletonized dial design but still preserves an elegant look. The Blossom Rose Gold Ladies highlights a remarkable dial with an openwork flower and a half-skeletonized design. Within this design, the wearer can enjoy the intricate working movement within.

Blossom Rose Gold Ladies Ref. M043.
Blossom Rose Gold Ladies Ref. M043.

The hallmark of the ArtScience Museum is definitely a must for Rainflower design. While the other watch presents the architectural design in a subtle dial background, this one Mido puts it in a clearer way. The Blossom edition was actually a recent model added to the Rainflower and released in May 2022.

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Rose Gold Pink Ladies Ref. M043.

At a glance, the Rose Gold Pink Ladies might look the same as the Red one but there are some small details to look into. While the Red uses rubies, this one is equipped with 8 shimmering pink sapphire jewels as the hour markers. In addition to the appealing appearance, the watch also comes with reliable performance for your daily activities. 

Rose Gold Pink Ladies Ref. M043.
Rose Gold Pink Ladies Ref. M043.

It is powered by Swiss automatic movement Caliber 80 with 25 jewels. As a result, the watch has an astounding power reserve of up to 80 hours. The reliable function in Mido Rainflower also indicates that women don’t always look into appearances only but also the value of functionality and practicality.

Blossom Silver Ladies Ref. M043.

Still with the Blossom model but has a slightly different look due to several different choices in the watch. The Rainflower Blossom Silver Ladies comes with a high-polished 15mm beads of rice bracelet. Compared to the previous one that comes with a leather strap, this one appears chicer and less feminine. 

Blossom Silver Ladies Ref. M043.
Blossom Silver Ladies Ref. M043.

The polished nature of the bracelet also strengthens the charming good looks of the dress piece, making it stand out further and will definitely be an eye-catcher. That said, while the other flaunts elegance this one tends to radiate chic and charming looks. So, you can have one between these two options.

Final Thought

In the end, Mido Rainflower isn’t only about appearance that highlights its timeless and delicate look. In addition to that, Mido equips Rainflower with a series of great features, especially the exceptional Caliber 80. That makes Mido Rainflower not only an elegant watch collection but also a splendid watch with reliable performance.

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