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Norqain Adventure Neverest GMT Blue - Blue Rubber Nato Ref. NN1100SC1CG/BA111

Introducing Norqain Neverest Series: Embark New Adventure

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December 20. 2022
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Norqain watch brand are one of the renowned Swiss manufacturers that gains a reputable image within a relatively short period. Established in 2018, the brand rapidly grows with an impressive range of exciting watch collections, such as the Norqain Neverest series. The collection is specifically designed for someone who is eager to explore the wild and conquer nature’s playground.

The Norqain Neverest series is part of the Adventure lineup and still holds tight to the spirit of mountain explorers. That said, the watches are built with optimal robustness to withstand extreme environments anywhere traveling leads your way. Besides, there are plenty of options available to choose from with creative dial designs and Swiss mechanical engineering powering the watch.

In this article, we’re going to dig deeper into the Norqain Neverest series and see whether or not this collection would be a perfect escort for your next explorer. Let’s get straight into the discussion!

A Closer Look into Norqain Neverest Series

The series consists of four models with sporty modern watches, the Neverest Glacier, Neverest Night Sight, Neverest Spengler Cup Edition, and Neverest GMT. They delicately appear in such a way that still managed to be aesthetic and appealing. The brand also values an exciting design for the dial as can be seen in the series of watches.

All three watch models measure 40mm in diameter, except the Neverest GMT with 41mm in diameter. Regardless, the watch maintains nice proportional dimensions, allowing for a good grip in almost any wrist size. As a reliable timepiece for extreme adventure, the watch is equipped with reliable features to withstand challenges. 

It can handle up to 200m depths underwater, equipped with a screw-down crown, ceramic bezel inserts, and definitely a chronometer-certified movement to keep everything running well. Further, Norqain has established a partnership with Kenissi to produce a highly-reliable movement.

That said, every watch will be driven by the NN20/1 which offers 70 hours of power reserve and is chronometer-certified. The other one is the NN20/2 equipped with a GMT complication to further enhance the watch’s performance. 

To top it off, Norqain actively participates in charity, especially to keep the brand’s inspiration for a mountain alive. A certain amount gained from the Norqain Neverest series sale will be donated to fund the Butterfly Help Project. This is a charity to help families of Sherpas who died in the Himalayas and make sure that their children can go to school. 

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Are They Good Watches?

The next question might be whether Norqain watches are worth your money. Well, yes. Although the answer can depend on personal preferences, the series offers a wide range of reasons why they will serve you well on adventures. First of all, the watch is designed as an adventure timepiece, meaning that it’s built to withstand extreme changes, such as temperature and shock.

The brand’s partnership with a third party to provide impressive movement is also part of the goal to make the most reliable companion for explorers. The appearance makes a second reason why the Norqain Neverest series is a good collection. 

Besides a sturdy construction, the watches embody a unique and enchanting design, such as the dial pattern of Neverest Glasier that takes inspiration from the peak of Mt. Everest and its infamous Khumbu Icefall.

Norqain also carries a value inside its watches that can be seen through the brand’s charity toward the Butterfly Help Project. In the end, you can personally decide how this Norqain series deserves a place in your watch collection.

The Watches You Should Look Forward

There are some appealing Norqain Neverest watches that we heavily recommend being on your collection. Let’s take a look at the detail below.

Adventure Neverest GMT Blue – Blue Rubber Nato Ref. NN1100SC1CG/BA11

Designed in a pleasing size, the Neverest GMT Blue makes a good fit for a modern sports watch. The blue color further elevates the coolness of the watch. It is paired with a 20mm blue rubber NATO strap with white and blue stripes, complementing the accents on the dial. 

Adventure Neverest GMT Blue - Blue Rubber Nato Ref. NN1100SC1CG/BA11
Adventure Neverest GMT Blue – Blue Rubber Nato Ref. NN1100SC1CG/BA11

As the name implies, the watch features a 24-hour GMT scale in two different colors – white on the bottom half, indicating nighttime hours, and a deep royal blue on the upper half, indicating daytime hours. Accompanying the GMT function is the bi-directional 24-hour black ceramic rotating bezel. Driving all of these functions is the Norqain NN20/2. 

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Adventure Neverest Green – Bracelet Ref. NN1001SC1CA/EB101

Let’s get a fresh look with the green dial presented in the Adventure Neverest Green. The watch seems to be a nice dress watch but it can perform well to accompany your adventure. It features a black 60-click unidirectional ceramic bezel, creating a good combination with the dial color.

Adventure Neverest Green - Bracelet Ref. NN1001SC1CA/EB101
Adventure Neverest Green – Bracelet Ref. NN1001SC1CA/EB101

Taking a closer look at the dial, you’ll notice the brand’s distinctive herringbone-like texture that brings a great deal of character and depth to the dial. Powering the watch is the chronometer-certified Caliber NN20/1 automatic movement with a hefty 70 hours of power reserve.

Adventure Neverest GMT Blackout – Bracelet Ref. NNB1100BBCG/BO116

In the next list of Norqain Neverest series is the Adventure Neverest GMT Blackout. The watch exhibits proportional dimensions at 41mm diameter, 48.9mm lug-to-lug distance, and 14.9mm thickness. The attractive dimensions allow the watch to make a versatile look for almost any wrist size. 

Adventure Neverest GMT Blackout - Bracelet Ref. NNB1100BBCG/BO116
Adventure Neverest GMT Blackout – Bracelet Ref. NNB1100BBCG/BO116

Compared to the Blue GMT, this one appears bolder due to the blackout colors. Protecting the dial is a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. It is also treated with a double anti-reflective coating to give maximal legibility to the magnificent dial.

Adventure Neverest Night Sight – Flex Strap Ref. NNB1001BBWA/IL107

Compared to the other watches in the series, the Adventure Neverest Night Sight looks bigger and bulky while in fact, they measure similarly at 40mm in diameter. The reason lies in the big crown protruding at the right side of the watch. This feature allows the wearer to better operate the crown for adjusting the time.

Norqain Adventure Neverest Night Sight - Flex Strap Ref. NNB1001BBWA/IL107
Norqain Adventure Neverest Night Sight – Flex Strap Ref. NNB1001BBWA/IL107

The name Night Sight translates to the perfect legibility on the dial in dark environments. As can be seen through the dial, it has a clean view with big hour markers of 3, 6, 9, and 12. To top it off, the watch showcases a stunning sand-colored dial. It’s a fully-lumed dial treated with powerful X1 Super-LumiNova that comes alive with a bright green glow in the dark.

Final Thought

Just within a short period, Norqain becomes a well-known Swiss brand with a luxury offer. The Norqain Neverest series is one among other collections that makes a good companion for adventurous souls. A compact sturdy design paired with capable exclusive movement, the series definitely creates a great appeal, especially considering its affordable offer.

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