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Orient Star Contemporary Semi Skeleton Anthracite Ref. RK-AT0009N

Orient vs Orient Star: Comparing Elite Japanese Crafts

Comparing the leads of Japanese craftsmanship

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November 8, 2022
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As the Japanese watchmaking industry grows, more brands start to appear and grab the spotlight. However, one name remains strong and recognizable in every corner of the world. It is Orient, the remarkable house that manages to stay relevant in the world of watchmaking today.

Orient is widely known for its well-made craftsmanship. Originally established in 1951, the brand sold imported pocket watches which  started to garner success. From then on, Orient watches began to appear in large numbers on the market.

Among the collections, Orient is most well-known for its premium line, Orient Star. As the popularity of Orient Star grows, people seem to confuse the brand and the line. It is why the topic of Orient vs Orient Star often comes to mind when the discussion about Japanese watch craftsmanship comes up.

What Makes Orient Unique?

Orient watches gain recognition around the world, especially in Asia, due to their rich history of craftsmanship. As the brand grows, Orient Star manages to stand out with its premium qualities while remaining reasonably priced.

When compared to Swiss craftsmanship, the Japanese brand retains its marketability. Orient and Orient Star watches showcase the reliability of the iconic, decade-long watchmaking that still endures to this day.

Orient manages to give its creations a distinct personality through its in-house movements. One of the popular movements made by the Japanese brand is the caliber 46. It is prominently used in Orient Mako I and is regarded as a high-quality entry-level movement.

While maintaining the high quality of its craftsmanship, Orient is still known to be an economically friendly brand in the market. Even though an Orient Star watch is considered to be of premium quality, its price remains affordable in comparison to other premium Swiss timepieces.

Orient vs Orient Star

What makes Orient vs Orient Star a prominent topic of discussion today? Most casual watch enthusiasts may find it difficult to differentiate the two. Some people believe that both are the same with no distinguishing features.

To put it simply, Orient watches cover the classic styles that come in standard timepieces. Usually, an Orient watch tends to be affordable. On the other hand, Orient Star watches are designed to be more complex. Hence, better quality and higher price.

Orient itself consists of entry-level watches, while Orient Star watches are specifically designed to step level higher than the standard collection. In short, Orient vs Orient Star mainly compares the level and quality of the two collections and how they cater to different market segments.

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Comparing Orient and Orient Star in Details

How can we differentiate the two of them in reality? Orient and Orient Star watches are designed meticulously and in accordance with the standards of the brand itself. Hence, you can compare them easily and see which one is worth buying.


Let’s start with the packaging. The Orient Start package tends to look more elegant than the standard Orient. It is in line with the concept of the Orient Star being the premium line of the brand. While it may not appear to be extravagant, the box is padded and plush.


In comparison to the standard Orient, the Orient Star dial offers upgrades in its design. It looks more stylish and premium than the standard Orient. Just to show how the concept applies to the product, an Orient Star watch dial tends to look sleeker and classier compared to entry-level Orient timepieces.

Orient Star Contemporary Semi Skeleton Anthracite Ref. RK-AT0009N
Orient Star Contemporary Semi Skeleton Anthracite Ref. RK-AT0009N

For instance, we can see the complexity in the dial of the Orient Star Contemporary Semi Skeleton Anthracite. The anthracite easily captures the attention of those who come upon it. As it lies underneath the sapphire crystal, the smokey gray dial gives a unique look in different lighting conditions.


To showcase its premium quality, Orient Star uses a more formal case shape. As seen in some of its pieces, the lugs give off a round profile. To add to the quality, the brushing is done more extensively, as is the edge, which looks sharper and neater in different sections.

Orient Star Diver Black Pwr Rsv Ref. RK-AU0309B
Orient Star Diver Black Pwr Rsv Ref. RK-AU0309B

As you can see in Orient Star Diver Black, the stainless steel case strongly defines the diving watch. Along with the sturdy material, the stain-brushed finish and the full polishing in the back make the case feel even more premium than the standard collection.


The discussion about Orient vs Orient Star will not be complete without comparing the dimensions of both watches. While the exact difference cannot be defined, the chunky proportions of Orient Star are notable to the eye.

The dimension looks that way due to the domed crystal and the heavy curving across the top. Nevertheless, it is slim enough to be worn as a dress watch. As a recommendation, you may try to wear the Orient Star Contemporary Standard White under your sleek white tuxedo.

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Orient and Orient Star simply differ in quality, as seen in their choices of bracelets. The premium line of Orient offers a milled clasp rather than a pressed one to ensure the security and satisfaction of the wearer.

Orient Star Sports Semi-Skeleton Black Pwr Rsv Ref. RK-AT0101B
Orient Star Sports Semi-Skeleton Black Pwr Rsv Ref. RK-AT0101B

As an example, the bracelet of Orient Star Sports Semi-Skeleton Black offers a graceful satin finish and polished sides. It is also equipped with a double-folding clasp that ensures a secure grip on the wearer’s wrist during outdoor activities.


As time passes, advanced technology offers Orient a chance to improve the quality of movement. Currently, Orient Star is equipped with in-house automatic movements, which are unique to the Japanese brand. Both movements are improved functionally as well as aesthetically; hence, the quality is elevated to another level.

Orient Star Avant-Garde Skeleton Blackout Ref. RK-AV0A03B
Orient Star Avant-Garde Skeleton Blackout Ref. RK-AV0A03B

As we can see in Orient Star Avant-Garde Skeleton Blackout, the in-house caliber F6F44 takes on a dashing skeletonized form. The movement is equipped with 24 jewels and a 50-hour power reserve. To add to its strength, the premium Orient timepiece can operate at 21,600 bph.


The topic of Orient vs Orient Star clearly defines the line between entry-level and premium wristwatches. As a well-known brand with a rich history, Orient maintains the quality of its creations and continues to develop the existing aspects of watch craftsmanship.

Picking one of the two between the Orient and Orient Star is simply a subjective preference that cannot be measured. Between the classic Orient or the sleek Orient Star, the choice is yours to make at the end of the day.

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