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The Citizen Eco-Drive White Ref. AQ1010-54A

5 Best Solar Watches for Men for a Distinct Taste of Quartz

A taste of impressive accuracy along with advanced technology

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April 23, 2022
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Solar watches are those underrated timepieces that deserve a high mention to be in a collection. It’s accurate and even certain pieces offer an extreme accuracy you can ever have for a watch. Yet, some mention that a collection of solar watches for men are not worth praise as high as mechanical watches

Some statement goes from a belief that solar watches do not hold pure craftsmanship as in mechanical watches. Yet, due to its advanced technology, it costs more expensive than how a quartz watch should be (affordable). Despite this criticism, solar watches are still part of advancements in the world of horology. It offers preciseness as in quartz movement, a statement of high value as in mechanical movement, and is a friendly timepiece to the environment due to its rechargeable battery.

Frankly speaking, solar watches are driven by the light and mainly the sunlight — it’s powered by the sun. The idea of a long-life battery that needs light power to keep the engine moving is already an impressive thing to be valued. Therefore, in this article, I want to share some of my favorite solar watches for men that should be on your list.

5 Best Solar Watches for Men

The first solar watches for men were introduced by the Citizen company in 1976 as a response to the watchmaking industry that looks for alternative energy sources. During that time, not only that they made their own quartz oscillators but also introduced the first quartz watch driven by solar energy. 

Nowadays, other watch brands also follow the path of designing solar-powered quartz watches, such as Seiko. As you might notice later, the list is dominated by timepieces from Japanese watch brands, especially Citizen as they are the frontrunner in the technology.

Seiko Prospex Solar Street Series Blue Ref. STBQ003

One of Seiko’s bests solar watches for men offers a modest watch size, giving a more comprehensive and compact size with its 38.7 mm case diameter. The Seiko Prospex Solar Street was designed in honor of Seiko’s past legendary treasure, the Seiko Tuna. As a reliable solar watch, an in-house movement of Calibre V131 allows for an astonishing power reserve. 

Seiko Prospex Solar Street Series Blue Ref. STBQ003
Seiko Prospex Solar Street Series Blue Ref. STBQ003

This timepiece is accurate to about +/- 15 seconds a month. Holding an incredible value as a fully in-house Japanese dive watch, Seiko also provides a range of features for the watch. A proprietary LumiBrite luminous treatment, satin brush finishing for the watch case, a 120-click unidirectional rotating dive bezel, and 200 m of water-resistant. Needless to say, the watch is built like a tank and ready to take a beating.

Citizen Eco-Drive White Ref. AQ1010-54A

Solar watches for men should have deserved much attention in the watch community as they are not ordinary quartz watches. Solar-powered watches are the incredibly precise quartz timepieces added with revolutionizing technology. As the brand that developed this technology, Citizen’s solar watches could be the finest choice.  The Citizen Eco-Drive White is one I would like to recommend the most.

The Citizen Eco-Drive White Ref. AQ1010-54A
The Citizen Eco-Drive White Ref. AQ1010-54A

The watch boasts a brilliant ‘Zaratsu’ polishing, resulting in a flawless mirror-like finish for a beautiful shimmer under the light. Adding to that is the in-house Caliber A010 high accuracy quartz (HAQ) movement, a true masterpiece of architecture that realized the peak of Eco-Drive technology.  

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Citizen Promaster Skyhawk A-T Blue Angels

This is a busy and crowded watch dial you might ever find. The Citizen Skyhawk is a model built with a complex tool and complications perfect for the aviation industry. As busy as it seems, the dial is a place for the chronograph function, countdown timer, UTC display, and time adjustment available in 43 cities. Judging from the dial, I personally have several words to describe the watch, complex, rugged, intricate, and high-tech.

At the heart of this watch is the Citizen Eco-Drive U600 allowing for 6 months of power reserve on a full charge. As the watch offers quite a complex complication, you could imagine how intricate the movement would be to run every function in the watch. 

Seiko Prospex Arnie SNJ025P1

A bold and rugged look, one of the Seiko solar watches for men that comes in a bulky design and impressive performance. The bold appearance is more highlighted by the presence of knobs and pushers at both sides of the watch case. Not to mention the diameter measured at 48mm.

As a reissue of the Seiko H558, the watch still keeps its hybrid identity by presenting its digital and analog display. That makes a good balance to design traditional and modern timekeeping in one piece. Behind those incredible performances is the reliable H851 solar-powered movement for great timekeeping performance. 

Citizen Eco-Drive Chandler BM8180-03E

You just can’t get enough to look at this handsome timepiece. Another piece from Citizen of best solar watches for men is the Chandler field watch. It’s not a complex watch but basically, it fulfills the necessities for the time-telling function. The overall design is inspired by military watches featuring a set of great features, such as 100m of water resistance, a mineral crystal, and definitely the ultimate solar-powered of Eco-Drive movement. You just can’t get wrong with timepieces from the best solar watches from Citizen.

The watchmaking industry will always be filled with a variety of choices. As you noticed, the list of solar watches for men isn’t just a bunch of low-end watches. They offer technology for a better experience of wearing a watch. If you want to have a watch with the accuracy of standard quartz that also holds a value of significance, solar watches could be a good start.

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