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Two-Tone Watches Take Back the Style in the Eighties

Two-tone watches unite two dissimilar materials and color tones.

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November 28, 2021
Gnomon Watches
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Right. We definitely can’t talk about two-tone watches without mentioning the 1980s. The years when this bold style of watches was eminent in the market. I think this watch goes hand in hand with the 80s fashion style. Both are dauntless with a mix of quite flashy color schemes.

Two-tone watches accentuate two different and contrasting colors of the watches’ case, bezel, hands, and sometimes bracelet. The mix of color mostly comes from the natural color of the materials, stainless steel, and gold. The 80s style isn’t for everyone. The same saying applies to two-tone watches. But it surely seems better for a certain person.  

They have enough additional fusion to have a strong presence on the wrist. Well, maybe because I’m also one who enjoys the experimental choice of style. It’s liberating when I get to explore many choices of clothing and match them with my watch. You’ll get my particulars on these watches as you read onwards this article.

The true classic of golden and silverish combo

I can’t go on without mentioning this first two-tone watch combination. Rolex is closely associated with the name two-tone, also known as bi-color, especially yellow (gold) and silver (stainless steel). It’s due to the wide production of watches by the brand. Essentially, the idea to fuse said tones of color has led to a plethora of variations for the designs.

Not many can deny the beauty of gold, however, an entire watch made of gold is on the expensive side. Also, it might be a bit too bright if you wear one on your wrist. In another aspect, a plain stainless steel watch might not be attractive enough for some people. The watch might be versatile yet dull. That’s the sole reason why some appreciate the work of the best two-tone watches. It combines both material and color characteristics to become one.

Glycine Combat SUB 42 Vintage Bi-Color Ref. GL0259
Glycine Combat SUB 42 Vintage Bi-Color Ref. GL0259

These watches are mostly produced as sports watches. Glycine Combat SUB 42 Vintage Ref. GL0259 is one of the dive watches with a bi-color scheme. It’s suitable for the average men wrist size with the details of 42mm in case diameter, 49.5mm lug to lug, and 11mm thickness. The outer ring of the bezel and the middle links of the strap are yellow due to the gold PVD coating. You got it. It doesn’t use real pure gold but simply a yellow-gold coloring. Also, the case uses stainless steel material with a satin brush.

Squale 30 ATMOS B&G GMT Ceramica - 40mm
Squale 30 ATMOS B&G GMT Ceramica – 40mm

Another one, Squale 30 ATMOS B&G GMT Ceramica, comes with nearly similar features. It appears big. Yet, its sizes of 40mm in case diameter, 47mm lug to lug, and 12.5mm thick are perfect for 7 to 7.5 inches wrist size. The watch highlights the contrast of black and gold colors. If you’re into a more massive look, this is your go-to watch. The case and strap are made of 316L stainless steel while the bezel is ceramic. It has a higher resistance to scratch than the previous one.

Can I wear each of them for daily wear or should I go swimming? Yes. Both of them are the available options for you. The brilliant finish of the watch makes it versatile enough for your casual yet bold items of clothing. And, the former has a 20 ATM water resistance, while the latter with 30 ATM water resistance. They’re great for underwater activities.

The sister, rose gold and silver

In two-tone watches, the rose gold color comes from PVD coating that creates a more resilient rose gold surface on top of stainless steel. In such watches, they have resistance to wear and scratch. The combination of rose gold and silver communicates luxury and elegance. In addition, the pinkish color appears softer and less flashy than the golden color. A good idea for many who lean toward this look.

Steinhart Ocean 1 GMT Two-tone Blue Ceramic
Steinhart Ocean 1 GMT Two-tone Blue Ceramic

Steinhart Ocean 1 GMT Two-tone Ceramic is done with 316L stainless steel and pink gold coated satin for both the case and strap. The polished appearance of the watch further adds a clean and lavish appeal. The color combination in the ceramic bezel, white and black, blends perfectly with the rest of rose gold and silver. The screw-down crown, located at 3 o’clock position, aids in the watch’s water-resistance of 30 ATM. It’s nice to have this one on occasions when you’re eager to jump into the water. The sizes of 42mm in case diameter, 49mm lug to lug, and 13.5mm thickness is right for 7 to 7.5 inches.

You might be, still, wondering the reasons to go for two-tone watches. I can say that they release a unique, aged air when I wear one on my wrist. These watches bring back the happenings and memories behind the times, in the eighties. Well, the color combination also plays a part. It’s bold yet pleasing to the eyes.

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