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Being an icon with its own charm, unique watches are the ones with exceptional beauty to impress.

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Oct 20, 2021
Gnomon Watches
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Watches are one among many other things that could be everyone’s thing. Almost everyone has at least a watch, be it the one with the low-quality or the high-end watches that are specifically affordable for a certain group of people. We all also know that watches come in dozens of varieties. Every element they have could be distinct and unique that sets every watch to differ from one another. And the thing for watch enthusiasts is that they are looking for something special. That’s when unique watches come at the front line to offer the delicate beauty that makes them exceptional. 

So, what do you think about unique watches? What criteria should a watch have to be called unique? Let me go first. For me, appearance is the first thing that comes to the line. A unique watch needs to speak its exceptional beauty through how it looks first. Therefore, the overall design, be it the dial or the shape of the case need to be unique. A different appearance might attract others’ attention and that’s how you could wear unique watches for men or women to gain confidence.  

Once the watch wins because of its appearance, that’s when a watch lover would go deeper into the elements comprising the watch. What elements are in the watch? What are the complications in the watch? Do they invent something new? The invention of using solar energy to power the watch movement is an example of how advanced invention could be another charm for the watch.

The material used during the process of making is also another thing to be considered as unique watches. If a watch brand managed to introduce a new material that is different from the usual one, it could be an important thing to appeal to watch enthusiasts. A unique piece somehow gives a nuance of a special place as it particularly offers something different from the common mainstream. A uniqueness could also become a signature of a certain watch. Once a watch brand makes a unique watch and acquires the public attention, watch enthusiasts would tend to integrate that particular uniqueness only with that one brand. 

As an example, Richard Mille’s design has successfully made its exceptional design look that helped build the company brand. If you spot a watch that looks like a cross between a Formula 1 race car and a high-end timepiece, then you found a luxurious piece of unique watches by Richard Mille. When it comes to the watch material, Richard Mille also decided to stand out from the rest. This high-end watches brand is well-known for using baseplate as their case materials, such as gold fused with carbon, carbon nanotubes, and toughened ceramic. As such, this combination brings out resilience to the mix.  

Well, now you might be wondering that unique watches are equal to high-end watches, which is certainly not. To be unique is not necessarily to be a luxurious watch with a skyrocketed price. Exceptional and unique design watches are available in watches with more affordable prices. And not to mention, they also offer reliable performance that will serve you both a taste of uniqueness and impressive performance with prices that won’t be a big withdrawal from your savings account. Wondering to have one?

An asymmetrical triangle case for a bold look

In January 1957, the Ventura designed by Richard Arbib was first introduced. Asymmetrical timepieces have been struggling to find a way into watch enthusiasts’ communal approval. However, the Ventura has become one of the most lasting and iconic designs in contemporary times.

Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Blackout Automatic Ref. H24585331
Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Blackout Automatic Ref. H24585331

Let’s say hello to Ventura Elvis80 Blackout Automatic, one of the unique watches from Hamilton collections. The triangular case (besides makes everyone more stylish) ensures wearer comfort, featuring a legless design, which enables the strap to flow effortlessly out of the case. Those unusual case shape couples with a domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coatings for better legibility. Admittedly, this is one of the unique men’s watches I have ever known.

A nickel free case material for everyone

Damasko watches, together with a welcoming price, are quite popular due to their outstanding quality. Every timepiece is hand-assembled with ETA or Valjoux calibers. The brand manufactures the watch case DC67 in-house that has the strongest material in the industry. The material is referred to as “ice-hardened, nickel-free steel”. The unique part about this steel is that it is completely nickel-free, has excellent corrosion resistance, and can be tempered to 62 HRC or 710 Vickers that is four times tougher than any other steel now in use in the watch industry. 

Damasko DC67
Damasko DC67

The whole case, crown, and pusher also use this ice-hardened steel. The nickel-free material for the case would be an advantage for some people who suffer from nickel energy. In addition to that, Damasko also introduced its Gasket system. This feature will solve the common problem of moisture or dust ingress that happens during the operation of the crown and pushers. Overall, Damasko is willing to offer a great watch for everyone with high-quality material. 

Being an exceptional beauty with a hexagonal case

All this leads to a distinctive and unique package generally reserved for luxury brands at far greater prices. Let’s look at it more closely. What Dietrich did so well in my point of view, DD-1 case is everything other than traditional and has a hexagonal shape with rounded edges without a bezel.

Dietrich DD-1
Dietrich DD-1

One of the most interesting dial details is a feature rarely seen on modern watches, that being bent hands (the seconds hand in particular). The technique of bending hands is, by no means, new, but it is rare these days. They bend the second hand to clear the multiple layer dial design better and appear more elegant. Moreover, I think it’s really cool how Dietrich combined a semi-skeletonized view with its own design approach.

Uniqueness could be one essential point about watches that enchant the watch enthusiasts. After all, offering an endless option of unique design and exceptional performance are the things that will make watches are sought after for now and later in the future.

Gnomon Watches first opened her doors for business online in early 2002, founded by bona fide horology suitors who share a profound passion for watchmaking and fine craftsmanship.

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