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8 Rare Vintage Military Watch Recommendations for Veterans

Reminiscing the nostalgic and meaningful moment in the past

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August 2, 2022
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As time passes, the vintage military watch has a special place in the hearts of veterans as well as watch enthusiasts alike. Such a precious thing possesses the memory of historic moments in our life like no other. It evokes an emotional reaction and brings out glimpses of the era for the observers.

Types of watches for military purposes are not unfamiliar in the watchmaking industry. They are specifically designed to help military personnel, such as infantrymen, divers, and special operators, carry out their tasks on the field. As such, those types of timepieces have certain features that are purposefully added to assist the wearers during certain situations.

Today, a vintage military watch has a certain prestigious value to watch collectors. Its uniqueness in watchmaking is still extremely valued by many watch enthusiasts. In this case, some particular features of the wristwatch present great value for its brand on the market. It can be said that a rare military watch from the past is valuable to both veterans and collectors.

What Qualities Should A Vintage Military Watch Possess?

A military person must use items or tools that are only necessary for a mission. In this case, an accessory like a vintage military watch should not only function as a mere fashion item but also as an instrument that helps to get the job done in the field. Such a timepiece generally has to be able to survive tough and unexpected situations.

Vintage military watches have proved their worth to be one of the most prestigious types of timepieces to collect. They are nostalgic items that mean a lot to veterans and watch enthusiasts alike. To sum up its worth, such a rare military watch should possess certain qualities such as reliability and durability.

Other than being durable and reliable, a military watch should also be equipped with certain particular features that can help the wearer navigate their way on the field. Such a timepiece needs to have luminosity to provide visibility in low-light environments. Most importantly, a military wristwatch should be easily used and serviced to avoid unnecessary mission disruptions.

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The Best 8 Vintage Military Watches as Veterans Day Gifts

Aside from being a unique addition to your watch collection, vintage military watches can also be great Veterans Day gift ideas. To commemorate the memories of the past and the bravery of the war heroes of the past, you can choose to give a present as special as a rare vintage military wristwatch to a specific person you have in mind.

In this case, gifting a vintage military watch to known veterans in your family or neighborhood can serve as an act of appreciation. The nostalgic item can serve as a token to show your gratitude for their service in the past. Giving such a present on a memorable and meaningful day for them can convey your sincerity, not only in actions but also in the memorabilia itself.

Among many vintage military watches around the world, we have curated a list of selected wristwatches that we think may suit your taste. To find out which one fits your type of veteran’s day gift best, let’s check out the eight best vintage military wristwatches below.

1. Seikosha Kamikaze Watch

Back in the 1930s and 1940s, Seikosha was a branch of Seiko that produced items like clocks, wristwatches, and many other devices. Its most well-known invention, however, is the Kamikaze watch.

The legendary timepiece has been said to be the one that was used by the Kamikaze pilots during their last flights. Today, only a few Kamikaze watches still exist around the world. As a result, this iconic oversized wristwatch may be the best vintage military watch for Veterans Day.

2. Omega ‘57 Seamaster 300

Although this vintage military watch has been redesigned into its modern version, it still reserves a special spot on this list for its unique characteristics. Initially made in 1957 but used by the British Ministry of Defense in 1967, the Seamaster 300 primarily serves as a dive watch for military personnel.

The original Omega Seamaster 300 is equipped with reliable features. As a vintage dive watch, the 1957 Seamaster 300 has a 300 m water-resistant feature, a caliber 552 self-winding movement, and a bezel with hash marks.

3. Tudor ‘77 Marine Nationale Snowflake Submariner

The best vintage military watch offers the best quality even though time passes by. One of the examples of this case is the Tudor ‘77 Marine Nationale Snowflake Submariner. As the name indicates, the Submariner primarily serves as a dive watch for the French Marine Nationale. It is equipped with particular features that are specifically designed for underwater missions.

In order to perform well in diving activities, the hand is specifically designed to be more visible underwater. Such a characteristic distinguishes this military watch from the ones released for civilians.

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4. The Dirty Dozen Watches

The combination of a vintage military watch and a cinematic experience resulted in the creation of The Dirty Dozen Watches. It was a project by the British Ministry of Defense that was assigned to 12 Swiss watch brands.

Each model from each brand differed from one another. Nonetheless, the characteristics of the timepieces remained the same. They were all around 35 to 38 mm and made from stainless steel or plated base metal. Additionally, they spotted the black dials, screw-down case backs, mechanical movement, and military rankings.

5. World War I Trench Watch

If you wish to go for one of the most classic veterans day gift ideas, then you can search for a World War I Trench Watch. This particular vintage military watch offers the authenticity of military inventions that led to the creation of many wristwatches that are deemed fashionable for men.

Soldiers used to use pocket watches to calculate artillery fire, but later on, they found a way to wrap the watch around their wrists with the help of leather straps. When they went back home, the design, famously known as the “trench watch,” was carried on by the watchmakers in that era and evolved into the men’s wristwatches that exist today.

Finally, we have come to the end of this article about vintage military watches. Among many of the choices above, we hope you can find the best watch that fits your vision. Presenting such a prestigious item as a gift may also serve as one of the most sincere veterans day gift ideas. Good luck finding the right timepiece as a present this year!

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