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5 Best Vintage Reissue Watches for an Appealing Classic

Some good reasons why vintage reissue watches are appealing

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April 14, 2023
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If the idea of hunting for vintage timepieces isn’t easy for you then you might try a collection of vintage reissue watches. Well, some people say that many modern watchmakers are stuck in the 1960s and 70s as they just embrace those past collections and remake them into a modern package. 

In addition, vintage reissue watches are the best choice for you who want to taste vintage flamboyance but don’t want to leave the technology in modern watches. Regardless, reissue watches bring their unique charm as they are a mix of watches from two eras. 

Some brands try to feature a modern twist to the watch while others simply mimic the original versions – almost exactly. Regardless, these modern reissue watches somehow bring back the glory of the watch to the present day. That said, investing in these watches is a win-win for either the watch brand or the collector.

What are Vintage Reissue Watches?

When it comes to vintage watches, you’ve probably known that they refer to timepieces made for about 10 years or more in the past. That said, vintage reissue watches are modern watches that are inspired by classic designs from the past. 

They are not exact replicas, but rather updated versions of these iconic timepieces. They are typically made with modern materials and technology but still retain the charm and aesthetic of the original.

Best vintage reissue watches are often made in reference to popular watches in the past. Also, these watches are usually limited edition, making them highly collectible and valuable.

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Why are Vintage Reissue Watches Popular?

There are some good reasons why the best vintage reissue watches are popular in these recent years. As mentioned above, the watch offers a unique blend of vintage style and modern technology, making it highly desirable to watch enthusiasts.

But the highlight of all is the watch’s connection to history. Most watch enthusiasts value watches for what they bring, especially their history. Vintage reissue watches often pay tribute to classic designs from the past. This connection can be very appealing to enthusiasts.

In addition to that, most modern reissue watches are made in limited numbers, making them rare and collectible. That makes a sense of exclusivity to many people. Not to mention that vintage reissue watches combine the classic aesthetic with the reliability and functionality of modern technology.

What Makes Vintage Reissue Watches Unique?

The combination of classic aesthetics and advanced modern technology is indeed what makes vintage reissue watches unique. But let’s take a closer look at how these watches pay tribute to their vintage model.

Most of them feature similar design elements as the original, such as the case shape and dial layout but are made with more durable and reliable materials. As such, vintage reissue watches are often more long-lasting than the original.

Additionally, vintage reissue watches definitely carry more advanced technology compared to the original. For example, reissue watches would use automatic movements which were not available in vintage watches.

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Gnomon’s Picks of Vintage Reissue Watches

Many watch brands made their own vintage reissue watches, be it from their own popular collections in the past or in reference to other vintage watches from renowned brands in the past.

Below are some of our top picks in our collection that might pick your interest:

Marathon GPM Government Reissue Mechanical Ref. WW194003SS

The name Marathon has been synonymous with its robust and durable military watches. The brand has been known for making timepieces for the United States and Canadian armies since circa 70 years ago. As for this GPM Government Reissue Mechanical Ref. WW194003SS is paying tribute to those watches by staying faithful to the design and size at  39mm wide.

Marathon GPM Government Reissue Mechanical Ref. WW194003SS
Marathon GPM Government Reissue Mechanical Ref. WW194003SS

The matte case pays tribute to the original GG-W-113 specs with parkerized finishing that also serves to be anti-corrosion for that period. Moving on to the side profile, you’ll notice a unique protrusion that serves as crown guards that flange the push-pull crown for easy manipulation. 

In addition, The dial of Marathon’s GPM Reissue is a direct re-make of its 80s GG-W-113, saving from the use of the newly applied tritium gas tubes.

Price: $720.00 USD

Seiko Prospex 62MAS 200M Automatic Black Ref. SBDC101

The next vintage reissue watches come from Seiko, a brand that you can expect innovation. The Prospex 62MAS 200M Automatic Black Ref. SBDC101 is Seiko’s classic design that is fitted with upgrades and will be sure to impress. This watch pays tribute to Seiko’s coveted Ref. 6217-8001, also known as the 62MAS launched back in 1965. 

Seiko Prospex 62MAS 200M Automatic Black Ref. SBDC101
Seiko Prospex 62MAS 200M Automatic Black Ref. SBDC101

Equipped with enhanced functionality, the watch still takes after the 1965 62MAS design. Some upgrades lie in the movement and some materials used to build this watch. It is driven by the Seiko automatic 6R35 caliber which is an upgrade from the workhorse 6R15. It provides 70 hours of power reserve, a whopping 20 hours more than the 7R and 6S.

Price: $970.00 USD

Glycine Combat Vintage Green Ref. GL0458

Let’s get dressier yet still robust with Glycine Combat Vintage Green Ref. GL0458. As the name suggests, you might have guessed that this is a homage edition to the vintage collection. It is part of the reissued military watches built with the modern adventurer in mind.

Glycine Combat Vintage Green Ref. GL0458
Glycine Combat Vintage Green Ref. GL0458

It is made of a sturdy 316L stainless steel case, allowing for a sturdy construction to withstand harsh environments for explorers. The Glycine signature hands are also true to the “MIL-W-3818B” design and are filled with matching SuperLuminova. Staying faithful to the original military model, the watch comes with a military olive fabric nato strap and a signed buckle.

Price: $470.00 USD

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Handwinding Black 38 Ref. H69439931

If you are a fan of Hamilton watches, you definitely understand how popular the Hamilton Khaki collection is. The Khaki Field Mechanical Handwinding Black 38 Ref. H69439931 is a good depiction of a reliable Swiss timepiece that carries history as well as radiating robustness and reliability. 

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Handwinding Black 38 Ref. H69439931
Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Handwinding Black 38 Ref. H69439931

The watch pays tribute to its military pedigree, precisely like their MIL-W-46374 spec watch produced specifically for use by navigators in the U.S. Air Force during the 60s and 70s. As for now, the watch still makes a versatile piece with modern technology. 

Moving onto its military-spec dial, it is done and conformed to look precisely like the MIL-W-46374. In general, the dial looks neat and clean with its simple 12 and 24-hour military scales, and luminous syringe hands, and all of them are one in vintage patina brown color.

Price: $545.00 USD

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Yema Superman Heritage Blue 41mm – Rubber

The next vintage reissue watches that you can rely on is Yema Superman Heritage Blue 41mm. The Superman collection is part of Yema’s popular vintage collection and the company decided to bring back its true vintage-inspired model in this watch. As such, the watch is truly the result of Yema in making its iconic diver homage.

Yema Superman Heritage Blue 41mm - Rubber
Yema Superman Heritage Blue 41mm – Rubber

Yema Superman Heritage Blue is a direct reissue of their famous diver Ref. 24.11.7. It features quite the same elements, such as the unique sunburst blue dial, with a sporty-size 41mm steel case, featuring straight pointy lugs. 

Yema didn’t stop here, inspired by the 1960’s tropical style rubber straps, Yema paired a 20mm perforated black rubber strap made of thermoplastic polyurethane. 

Price: $926.00 USD

Wrap Up!

The perfect combination of vintage style and modern technology is the main reason why vintage reissue watches are currently in trend. It’s not about bringing back the past flamboyance but also about how those past editions are beautifully wrapped in modern technology. No wonder they become highly desirable among watch enthusiasts.

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