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Watch 101: Lug to Lug Measurement for A Perfect Fit

Another important thing before a watch purchase.

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May 27, 2022
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There are quite a lot of things to consider when it comes to buying a watch. Along with the abundant types on the market, the options become more expansive and we are truly spoiled for choices. Yet, having the perfect fit of a timepiece on the wrist is the main purpose. Paying attention to the watch description could be the most basic and objective thing. Nowadays, watch brands have included their watch’s information in detail, from the diameter size, lug to lug measurement to the number of jewels used in the movements. 

In this article, I’m going to talk more about one thing, which is lug to lug measurement which mostly comes last in preference in a watch purchase. Commonly, people would look at the watch diameter to see whether it’s too big or small for their wrist. While it gives insight, you could also consider lug to lug size to get a perfect fit. So, how would lug measurement do justice for your watch wear? Keep on reading to find out the truth.

What is Lug to Lug in a Watch?

Before going into the discussion, it’s an important fact that you know what a lug-to-lug measurement is. A watch lug itself is a place where the bracelet or strap is secured to the watch case — it’s also sometimes referred to as horns. While lug to lug measurement is the length from the topmost of one set of lugs to the bottom of the opposite lugs — as you can see from the picture below. But don’t get confused with the lug width which is a measurement used to determine the strap width. It’s a length between two lugs on the same side. 

Reasons Why Lug to Lug Measurement is Important

Generally, there are several things to consider to get a perfect strap of a watch on the wrist. You definitely don’t want the lugs flaring out of the wrist. Most people pay attention to the size of the watch’s diameter as it seems to be the obvious one. Yet, the existence of a lug also matters whether the watch would be too big or small on the wrist — some also prefer a lugless watch. 

Therefore, lug to lug measurement is also a good thing to pay attention to. Here, I laid out several reasons why this lug measurement is important.

Slimmer watch wear with big diameter

Wearing a watch with a big diameter does indeed give a bold appearance in some ways. But, that’s a problem for those with slender wrists as it might be overlooked on them. Worry not! Lug to lug measurement can be a solution to help a watch wear smaller. 

Rado Captain Cook Automatic Grey Ref. R32505019
Rado Captain Cook Automatic Grey Ref. R32505019

There is a case where a big diameter doesn’t always be a large watch-wearing. A 42mm in diameter may be too big for someone with a small wrist but the lug is there to help. An example is Rado Captain Cook Automatic Grey Ref. R32505019 measured 42mm in diameter and 49mm lug to lug measurement, the watch can sit beautifully on a small wrist and wear slightly slimmer than its case diameter suggests. 

The watch has a relatively short lug-to-lug design which means that it maintains a good occupation on the wrist. This can be good news for those who are afraid the watch would wear too big on their wrists.

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Helps the watch wear bigger

Not only that lug to lug measurements help to make a watch wear smaller but also bigger. As I’ve mentioned previously that big diameter doesn’t always translate to a large watch. That also works for a small diameter equipped with long lugs. It somehow adds a sense of bulky to the watch once it is strapped on the wrist. 

Dievas Marine Mojave
Dievas Marine Mojave

A good piece for this is the Marine Mojave by Dievas. The watch has been well-built to be reliable with a striking appearance. It is measured 39mm in diameter and 46.5mm lug to lug. However, some people found it uncomfortable to have a long lug-to-lug as it could be winging out of your wrist. Therefore, ensure that you have every information checked before a watch purchase.

A lugless watch for the rescue

Sometimes, the thing that makes a watch wear bigger on the wrist is the length of lug to lug. You might not face many problems in an offline purchase but things would matter most if it is an online purchase. Therefore, considering lug to lug measurement in addition to the size of watch diameter is important. Many watch brands have included this information in their online services. It never is a comfortable wearing and stylish appearance when the watch lugs flare out of the wrist. 

Seiko Prospex Professional 1000M Tuna Ref. SBBN047
Seiko Prospex Professional 1000M Tuna Ref. SBBN047

In addition to that, the watch manufacturer also makes a timepiece with the same measurement for the diameter and lug to lug. It’s also called lugless design, allowing the wearer to have an equal size between the diameter and lug to lug. This type of watch appears in a compact and gripping design that would wrap comfortably on almost any size of wrist. You might want to consider the Seiko Prospex Professional 1000M Tuna Ref. SBBN047. It is measured at 49.4mm for both the diameter and lug to lug size. 

After all, knowing what we need is what matters the most. Therefore, having every piece of information on hand before buying a watch would be a great help to decide the perfect fit on the wrist. Lug to lug measurement is just one among many other considerations to buy a watch. So, good luck to find your matched one!

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