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Gnomon’s Special Picks of Watches for Father’s Day

A timeless and thoughtful gift

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June 9, 2022
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Father’s Day is coming in just the next few days yet the choice of giving something meaningful hasn’t been settled yet. Sometimes, giving a gift to Dads isn’t as easy as picking a pair of jewelry or a luxurious bag for Moms. I found it quite unique and interesting about the nature of Dad’s characteristics. They appear to be an entity with different ways of perceiving life. Some are so into the work while others enjoy the wild nature — even you can find some that are more laidback. Some Dads enjoy being classic while others are eager to follow the modern trend. 

Yet, no matter which type of your father is, he’s still the superhero in your family. A Dad might be just a title but there are more lies behind that name — someone who secretly bought candies for his children, a friend who was great at making toys, and a mentor about receiving life as it is. Those unique traits about Dads and how they could take many forms of roles in our lives remind me of watches. Not to compare Dad and a timepiece, but both have various styles, roles, and are valuables. Whether they are watch enthusiasts who own a box of timepieces or are soon to have their first timepiece, they truly would love timekeeping as Father’s Day gift. Therefore, I’d say that watches for Father’s Day are a wise way to honor them with something they deserve. 

Best Watches for Father’s Day

Watches signify time — something that can be timeless and limited at the same time. A timepiece could be a good reminder of how wonderful the time is to be together with a father. It could be a meaningful and special gift that is chosen only for him. I know, finding a good watch can still be an overwhelming thing. Therefore, here I’ve sorted out the best watches for Father’s Day based on some traits that might suit your father.  

For The Outgoers Dads

There is nothing that would be the most meaningful gift unless it’s something about your Dad’s hobbies. For an adventurer Dad who loves spending time doing outdoor activities, a watch could be a great buddy. An adventurer timepiece isn’t only about time-telling but also other features that would be helpful, such as a compass and chronograph. 

Marathon GPM Government Reissue Mechanical Ref. WW194003SS
Marathon GPM Government Reissue Mechanical Ref. WW194003SS

Besides, you need to find a timepiece that is rugged and able to withstand shock, bumps, or extreme environments. For this case, I’d like to suggest the GPM Government Reissue Mechanical from Marathon. The watch is equipped with basic features of military watches, such as shock resistance, anti-magnetic, waterproofness, and tritium gas tubes for a constant glow in the dark.

Not only that the watch performs as a reliable timepiece but also a nice-looking watch. A bold watch that certainly makes a stylish appearance. This timepiece could be your choice as the best watches for Father’s Day.

For The Pennywise Dads

I understand that sometimes, a father could be so careful when it comes to buying something — especially if it costs a thousand bucks. Most old people also tend to avoid something flashy. As such, giving watches for Father’s Day could be a burden to a father himself.

Seiko Prospex 62MAS 200M Automatic Black Ref. SBDC101
Seiko Prospex 62MAS 200M Automatic Black Ref. SBDC101

Yet, nothing to worry about as many great watches are also available at affordable prices. You don’t need to give a luxurious one but you can’t just give out low-end timepieces or even replicas. Nowadays, many watch brands produce affordable timepieces with great performance. The Seiko Prospex 62MAS 200M Automatic Black Ref. SBDC101 could be one option for the best watches for Father’s Day.

Seiko Prospex’s collection has been everyone’s favorite as it is affordable yet enchanting with its classic design and reliable performance. Not to mention that the watch has been equipped with better specs and an upgraded movement.

For The Vintage Style Enthusiasts

Finding a vintage timepiece might be quite a hassle as you need to find a trusted place to ensure the quality. But, nowadays, lots of watch brands make reissue collections for their past editions. For me, reissue watches are a resemblance to past craftsmanship while also bringing upgraded technology to perform at its best.

Rado Captain Cook Automatic ‘Ghost Captain’
Rado Captain Cook Automatic ‘Ghost Captain’

When it comes to vintage watches for Father’s Day, I’d highly recommend Rado timepieces. The company has continuously made Captain Cook their true icon that carries the remarkable legacy of its 1962 original. The Captain Cook Automatic ‘Ghost Captain’ is one among many that rediscover the classic case design of the original in a contemporary 42mm stainless steel case with sharp and defined lines.

This vintage-inspired timepiece would be a nice gift for your vintage-enthusiast Dad. The watch combines a package of modernity with a strong and illustrious heritage to back it up.

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For The Trendy Dads

Not all fathers enjoy being classic, some also want to be flashy and follow the latest trend. It would be easier to grab a piece with a modern cutting-edge item, such as watches for Father’s Day — he definitely would be pleased to receive such a special gift. 

The Bulova Men’s Marine Star Chronograph Watch is as modern as how it looks. A mesmerizing and splendid timepiece in stainless steel with a silver-tone finish. The overall appearance exudes a trendy and seamless timepiece that would look great with either a suit or other stylish outfits. It surely elevates a style.

For The ‘Dressed to The Nines’ Dads  

For a father who has been through his years of working, a watch would be something personal and memorable to accompany his golden years. It could be a meaningful reminder of his long successful journey. Giving a watch for Father’s Day indeed brings another special moment to give the present.  

Steinhart Flighttimer Vintage Military
Steinhart Flighttimer Vintage Military

The Steinhart Flighttimer Vintage Military could be your best option as watches for Father’s Day. I chose this timepiece due to its classy aesthetic looking, a black dial paired with a beige canvas strap that I’d reckon would make a good pair for retired Dad. Besides, this is one of the most coveted  Steinhart’s collections among the chronograph lovers. 

Luxury Watches for Dads

Last but not the least option is a luxury timepiece that definitely would give a distinct value. A luxury timepiece would be a great gift, especially for an understated Dad that never seems to get interested in anything over the top. For that reason, you can give one of the Aquaracer watch collections from Tag Heuer. 

Aquaracer is a perfect choice for a taste of luxury but a humble-looking timepiece. The highlight of the watch is its versatility and seamless design but never be overlooked. Too much polishing might catch many eyes and your understated Dad might be irritated for that reason. Yet, the Aquaracer is just a perfect choice as it is. 

Aside from the watches listed above, you need to understand that nothing would be special unless it’s given sincerely. Make your time to be beside him and create memories to make Father’s Day feels more remarkable. That way, you’ll create the best moment together along with watches for Father’s Day. 

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