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Watches on the Wrist to Stay Stylish on Thanksgiving

A great moment to dress up nicely with a fine watch on the wrist.

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November 23, 2021
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Give a hooray for another coming holiday. Thanksgiving is almost here and there is no way to miss this great moment. A good day to spend time with our loved ones, eat favorite foods, have festivities with others, and simply just relax. Besides, this day could be a great time to dress up in a nice Thanksgiving outfit and accessories. Just simply to celebrate the occasion with a strapping and picture-ready look.   A pastel color for a warm and cozy Thanksgiving.  A polo sweater with a slim jacket, white denim, gray sneakers, and certainly a watch on the wrist.

Here’s the interesting thing about being a watch connoisseur. Among dozens of options, you could have ‘that one’ timepiece that would fit perfectly for a certain occasion. While people’s preferences might indeed be different, having multiple timepieces in the collection allows you to choose the one that matches the event. Therefore, you need to pick the right one to accompany you. Whether it is a simple meal at home with a big family or a more formal dinner out, watches for Thanksgiving are an essential part to enrich your outfit. 

Things to consider on watches for Thanksgiving

Whilst you have the freedom to choose the type of watches that fits the Thanksgiving event, some designs just seem better matched for this occasion. After all, Thanksgiving is all about cooking, eating, and relaxing with families and friends. There might be a time when you need to keep track of the time, such as measuring the turkey cook time. As such, watches for the Thanksgiving events should be able to perform this task. In that case, a chronograph is a good way to go. You can set the timer and while you do anything else, the watch on your wrist would do the time tracking. 

However, cooking a portion of turkey takes several hours. That way, you may need more effort if trying to use a 60-minute rotating bezel on your standard diving watch. A chronograph with the ability to measure time up to 12-hour is what you really need.  So, it can’t be any chronograph as some of them could only time events in a single 30-minute. A chronograph with 12-hours in length would be enough even to measure a big portion of turkeys.

Besides a chronograph, your watch should have a certain degree of water resistance. In case you are in charge of cooking or cleaning the dishes, you don’t need to worry about water splashes or dipping your hand in the water. Also, if the watch gets a little stain while helping out in the kitchen, you can clean it off without worrying about any damage to the watch. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a massive standard of water resistance as in diving watches.    

As for the color of the watch, you truly have many options to make it a perfect match. If you try to keep it casual with a laid-back, cozy, and warm outfit, a watch with a leather strap and brown dial background color might be a good option. Earthy color to represent the autumn season. Else, you might want to keep a modern yet minimalist look to make a sharp impression. In that case, a watch with a big dial, bold and strong look is my recommendation. A stainless steel watch or the one in black color. 

Some of you might have decided on your favorite watch for Thanksgiving. But if you don’t, here I’ve rounded up some of my recommendations to elevate your outfit at the Thanksgiving event. 

Appealing beauty for a reliable watch chronograph

Prized for its technical mastery and authentic design, Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43 Stainless Steel is an all-time favorite among aeronautical enthusiasts. It’s quite a busy and complicated dial yet it screams iconicity and the elements synergize with each other. I can’t stop looking at my wrist once I put it on. Beneath its domed sapphire crystal, lies the three sub-dials positioned at the lower hemisphere of the dial. It displays the chronograph function for 12-hour, 30-minute, and seconds. 

The watch features a CaliberBreitling 01 which is an in-house movement. Thanks to this gem, the watch has a power reserve of up to 70 hours and a Kif shock absorber. Having this watch circling on my wrist for the Thanksgiving event would truly boost my confidence. Along with a bomber jacket, graphic-stripe flannel shirt, black denim, and Chelsea boots, this Navitimer completes my look. It’s indeed visually appealing. 

Keep a modern look with a sporty timepiece

The Orient Monterey Quartz Chronograph is a good way to go for a modern and sporty look. Despite the warm nuance in certain areas during Thanksgiving, no one could stop your modern stylish appearance with a splendid watch on the wrist. The chronograph sub-dials are placed at 6 and 12 o’clock with a seconds sub-dial at 9 o’clock. When it comes to the watch movement, you don’t need to worry about the Orient KFB00 Quartz Chronograph. A reliable one for your watch. 

Further, the watch is equipped with a mineral crystal, resulting in a durable watch that could resist scratch.  Silver-tone luminous alpha-shaped hands and index hour markers are also the highlights of the watch that enhance legibility. Overall, it is a reliable chronograph watch with measurement up to 12 hours in 1/20 seconds increments. 

An elegant retro watch for a warm-cozy Thanksgiving outfit

A sandy brown calf leather strap paired with a deep black dial for a warm retro-adventure charm in an impressive look. Hamilton Khaki Field Auto Chronograph Ref. H71616535 has been one of the favorite pieces among chronograph lovers. Hamilton itself is renowned for its robust and functional timepieces. No wonder, they have crafted their name as a significant brand producing reliable military watches, marine chronometers, and aviation timepieces.

Hamilton Khaki Field Auto Chronograph Ref. H71616535
Hamilton Khaki Field Auto Chronograph Ref. H71616535

As for this chronograph watch, the sub-dials are symmetrically put at 6 and 12 o’clock, resulting in a neat look while circling around the wrist. The watch is also highly polished which draws an impeccable appearance as it exhibits a stylish appeal. Therefore, despite its robust image, versatility is the true identity of this watch. As such, wearing it at the Thanksgiving event would be a great choice. The reliable Swiss-made Cal. H-21 drives the watch and its automatic chronograph could measure time up to 12 hours.

Thanksgiving is a day for a pause and enjoying some moments with loved ones. Although this is kind of an annual gathering, there is no way you would pass the day without being stylish. And no matter however you celebrate this day or which look you are trying to show, there is always a watch to complete and elevate your Thanksgiving outfit. This is what you call a fun part of collecting watches. It’s practical and stylish as well.

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