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A Closer Look: Yema Rallygraf Meca-Quartz Chronograph Review

An exquisite collection that carries a rich heritage

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March 2, 2023
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The name Yema might not be familiar to the masses but it is one of the renowned French watch brands. They’re incredibly rich in heritage with a nice-looking design. The brand goes from being a small company and goes on to get massive fans throughout its 72 years of watchmaking. In every part of the journey, some new releases from the brand got high attention, one of which is Yema  Rallygraf Meca-Quartz.

As you might probably guess, Yema Rallygraf is synonymous with racing timepieces since its first launch in 1966. There are various options to choose from under this collection. Ever since then, this collection becomes a unique and stylish chronograph with a tasteful tribute to modern collections. Not to mention that the watches are wrapped at affordable prices. 

Does that intrigue you to look more into the Yema Rallygraf collection? This article would further scrutinize the performance, design, and anything else that you can expect from this sporty collection. 

Common Characteristics of Yema Rallygraf Meca-Quartz

At the first sight, you definitely notice that Yema Rallygraf Meca-Quartz is a collection of chronographs with a delightful appearance and a list of options to choose from. They come in several models from Chronograph Panda to Chronograph Reverse Panda equipped with different straps either bracelet or leather. 

If you are looking for timepieces with a vintage-styled chronograph and authentic look, Yema Rallygraf Meca-Quartz would be a great option. As we’ve mentioned before, the collection resembles a timepiece for racing. As a matter of information, racing during the 1960s and ’70s are the highlight moment of motorsports for some reasons. 

Referring to that fact, Yema has been around since 1948 with its reliable chronograph. Therefore, choosing Yema as a brand to find racing watches is a great choice. It’s always a good idea to choose a brand that was actually around that moment. Besides, watches are a great resemblance to reminiscing a glorious era, such as this Yema Rallygraf Meca-Quartz collection.

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A Closer Look: Yema Rallygraf Review

Yema Rallygraff is specifically designed for those who look for vintage-inspired, characterful, and affordable watches fans. There are some color and strap choices to choose from under this collection. 

It ranges from Chronograph Blue, Chronograph Green, Chronograph Red, Chronograph Panda Black, and Chronograph Reverse Panda in either a stainless steel bracelet or leather strap.

But, overall, the watch exhibits similar traits, such as performance and design. Let’s take a closer look at the following sections.


Yema Rallygraf Meca-Quartz comes with a combination of sporty and traditional vintage looks. With the chronograph sub-dials, the watch does resemble a reliable sporty timepiece. The watch draws inspiration from the 1960s which is nicely constructed through the case design. 

It has a retro styling with sweeping lugs which are well-polished to further enhance the sporty appearance. The tachymeter scale around the dial also adds a masculine look to the watch. Further, it allows the wearer to calculate average speed over a given distance. 

The case of Rallygraf Chronograph Green
The case of Rallygraf Chronograph Green

Each timepiece has a matching bezel insert with the color of the dial. The bezel is made with anodized aluminum as a tribute to its racing pedigree. Equipped with a matte finish, the bezel managed to give a clean look to the original. 

The case is made of a sleek 316L steel case back that flaunts the Yema’s historic crest. As for the dimensions, Yema Rallygraf comes in larger sizes yet is still comfortable for small wrists. It has 39mm in diameter, 11mm in thickness, and 48mm lug to lug size. 

Watch Dial

Moving on to the dial where the main view lies, Yema Rallygraf gives a bold look despite quite a small size. The overall layout looks appealing with a nice color configuration, be it red, green, or black. The contrasting subdials also make a significant change to make the watch looks bolder and has perfect legibility.

The dial exhibits a bi-compax layout with the seconds display on the left side and the 24-hour indicator on the right side. It took inspiration from the classic line of “Panda” chronographs back in the mid-1960s. 

Additionally, you can spot a date window at 6’o clock position in tandem with the racing checkered flags on the top to accentuate its racing theme.

If you notice, some models take a panda dial while others use the reverse panda design. So, what is the difference between a panda and a reverse panda chronograph? A panda dial refers to a chronograph with white and black subdials while the reverse panda is the opposite. 

Let’s take a look at the Yema Rallygraf Panda and Reverse Panda below for a better understanding.

Rallygraf Meca-Quartz Chronograph Panda - Bracelet
Yema Rallygraf Meca-Quartz Chronograph Panda – Bracelet
Yema Rallygraf Meca-Quartz Reverse Panda
Yema Rallygraf Meca-Quartz Reverse Panda

Above all, despite being equipped with busy markers, the dial still maintains a clean and neat look at the center. The space has been well-handled to ensure that every marker is legible for the wearer in any light condition. Topping it off, the Yema Rallygraf collection has been well-applied with BGW9 Super-LumiNova on its hands and hour markers. 

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Now, we get into the main element where every precision and accuracy would heavily rely on this part. Yema Rallygraf equipped the watch with Seiko’s VK64 which is a hybrid movement. It works great for those who look for a sweeping second-hand without bothering to buy a mechanical timepiece. 

This movement is also known as Meca-Quartz technology which uses mechanical technology together with battery-powered quartz. In other words, the chronograph’s function is controlled by a mechanical module, resulting in a smooth sweeping second-hand movement.

Not only that it gives a pleasing and aesthetic view on the dial but also has faster intervals at 1/5th second. Topping it off, the battery has better durability that can last for up to 36 months.

Watch Straps

The strap is also a part that complements the overall look that without the perfect suit for the strap, the watch might look somehow out of the look. As for Yema Rallygraf, the wearer can choose between a stainless steel bracelet or a leather strap

Rallygraf Chronograph Blue - Bracelet
Rallygraf Chronograph Blue – Bracelet

As a matter of consideration, stainless steel with a mesh bracelet would give a refined look and great flexibility for many activities, including water sports. Meanwhile, a leather strap offers some benefits, especially for racing watches. 

Yema designed the leather straps with holes to prevent and reduce sweat buildup. This consideration is also common for other things in racing sports, such as leather seats, steering wheels, and gloves. Regardless, a leather strap has become an icon for sports for some reasons.

Final Thought

Yema Rallygraf is a definition of an exquisite collectible watch. It comes as a neo-vintage chronograph wrapped in affordable prices. Additionally, the collection checked all the boxes that most people look for in timepieces from performance, design, and heritage. That said, Yema Rallygraf is a great choice if you look for an authentic look and history.

As for the price, Yema Rallygraf Chronograph Meca-Quartz comes in a range that is affordable for many people. It comes in a range of $330 to $360 USD.

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