How To Pay With Your Crypto Coins

Now one can purchase through Bitcoin or Ethereum

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Feb 15, 2022
Gnomon Watches
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First thing first, a “GM” or should I say, “Good Morning” to all our beloved customers and newcomers. I welcome you wholeheartedly to our Gnomon sites (E-shop) and Media sites (editorial). Both our sites are newly revamped and improved. All intents and purposes focus on delivering the best experience for all of you. We wanted not only extensive webs but also directive ones to avoid getting confused or lost during your shopping process. Therefore we even came up with two small tutorials on utilizing our sites and purchase on Gnomon, if one wants to get up to speed on “how to purchase from Gnomon Watches”.

An extension from these tutorials will be a third to those who take their online shopping deeper – through utilizing their digital currencies or, simply put, Crypto-currencies. We’d find it’s about time to implement this form of payment, catering to those big into decentralized systems and frequently transact using their mains like Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens. So, for those who are watch and web 3 enthusiasts out there, we hereby integrate Crypto payment method for you to purchase any items from our store with ease. And for those who are unfamiliar and want to give it a go, below will be some simple steps to get things started.

Crypto-Wallet Setup

Alright, this initial step is for those who are first-timers who want to transact in Crypto or an excellent tutorial to learn how to set up one for your future usage. First, we need to get ourselves a browser wallet to store our coins. Many Crypto personnel and I would strongly recommend downloading the “Metamask” wallet for this. Why Metamask, you might ask, and that’s because it is most often used (for chrome browsers and phones) by both the users and web platforms that support it. Here’s a YouTube link that thoroughly goes through the process to learn how to set up. It’s straightforward, and just don’t forget to keep your seed phrase safe to yourself and yourself only.

Alternately, you could register and use the Coinbase platform and account to make your payment on our site. And why we choose Coinbase is because they are the ones that handle many transactions for every of our crypto transactions. Furthermore, Coinbase is a leading online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency, helping people convert it into and out of their local money. Many online retailers or even users have relied upon it. Simply put, It’s one of the best in the Crypto world. So here’s the tutorial link on how to get it set up quickly. I would strongly recommend either a Metamask wallet if you’re paying with Ethereum or the Coinbase wallet if you’re paying with other coins, including Bitcoin. With that away, let’s see how we can make the payment through our website.

Paying With Crypto on

The fun part starts here, everybody, so “LFG”! Sorry bout my enthusiasm (but not sorry). The first step would definitely be selecting the items you want to purchase on our site. Once done, select “check-out”, and you will be heading to your payment page. As with most check-out pages, fill
up all the details needed and then “Continue to shipping” below. DO note not to select any “express check-out” options above.

Next, you will be led to the “Pay now” page. This is where you head over to the “Card” section. It displays your credit card information and selects “Alternative payment methods”. It will enable you to choose other payments after clicking on “Continue to payment”. Once done, you will enter a page where under the “Payment” section to select the “Coinbase COMMERCE” option right below (see photo below). Once set, you can click on “Complete order” to proceed with the payment.

After clicking the “continue to payment,” you will be directed to a page for you to select the “Coinbase COMMERCE” option.

Now, at the Payment method page, you can either select “Pay with Coinbase” or two other options below through another wallet, allowing you to pay with Bitcoin or Ethereum. For the sake of this article, I went with “Ethereum” (yes, my liquidity is this coin), and the site would open up the Metamask wallet from your Google Chrome browser. If the Metamask doesn’t pop up, you can scan your Metamask app on your phone through the QR code. As per Crypto transaction, a minimal gas fee would be added to process the transaction; thus, click on “Confirm” below after going through the total correct amount.

After confirming, the “payment sent” page would appear. It is also where the transaction would begin. You can monitor the process through the etherscan txn hash, just like any Crypto transaction. Do not worry if the transaction has been pending due to traffic within the Ethereum blockchain. This might take a few seconds to minutes, depending on the transaction volume. Do not click on any other options as it might affect the transaction’s progress.

Once confirm the transaction, you will be able to see this popup
Here’s a sample of the txn process

Finally, once the status bar goes to “success,” – means the payment is sealed and went through – you will receive your paid invoice with your order ID right away. The invoice would be just like any ones with traditional payment methods. And yes, your tracking number will be emailed to you shortly once the team processes your order. After that, you can now sit back and relax while waiting for your order to be shipped to you.

Gnomon Watches first opened her doors for business online in early 2002, founded by bona fide horology suitors who share a profound passion for watchmaking and fine craftsmanship.

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