Closer Look: At The New Steinhart Gnomon Exclusive Steinhart Ocean 39 Tropic Plexi

Date Published
Dec 02, 2021
Gnomon Watches
Watch Review
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Dive into the very heart of our Steinhart Ocean 39 Tropic Plexi. A watch that brings you beauty through its wabi-sabi beauty, with its mesmerizing aged look and golden hues. This exquisite timepiece never ceases to impress enthusiasts and collectors with its established design, connecting all the way back to the late 1960s. Anybody with a hint of passing interest in vintage watches will be aware of the allures of “tropical dial” found on those pieces that traverse with time, soak in the bustling world around them, and aging gracefully. And the Gnomon Exclusive Ocean 39 celebrates this naturally inspired art found within the mechanical world.

Steinhart Ocean 39 Tropic Plexi – Gnomon Exclusive