Closer Look: Rado Captain Cook Over-Pole Limited Edition

Date Published
Jul 02, 2022
Gnomon Watches
Watch Review
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The success of Rado’s iconic collections are radiated because of the fact that it’s a “worldtimer” watch designed for adventure, luxury, and style. The Captain Cook, Rado’s original vintage dive watch has been revived, relaunched, and redesigned after five years to fit the vibe of the modern times. This adventure-ready watch was first introduced in 1962, and is named after the British explorer, Captain Cook who has become one of the brand’s pillars since its relaunch in 2017. However, maybe the most elegant reimagination of this watch, the Captain Cook Over-Pole Limited Edition will have watch enthusiasts salivate with its impeccable craftsmanship. The iconic name, Over-Pole was the inspiration for several Rado models, most notably the “worldtimer.” Captain Cook Over-Pole is derived from a vintage Captain Cook Worldtimer. The new watch is a loyal re-interpretation of the original model’s spirit. It offers an interesting and affordable take on the world-time genre that fits neatly within the company’s theme of vintage-inspired designs packed with a modern twist.

Rado Captain Cook Over-Pole – Ltd Ed 1962pcs Ref. R32116158

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