Closer Look: The Allure and Mastery of Gruppo Ardito Watches Lince Timepieces

Date Published
Sep 01, 2023
Gnomon Watches
Watch Review
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Greetings, fellow watch aficionados! Just as the Swiss watch industry flourishes with its adept suppliers, our collaboration with GAW brings together a diverse range of skills, covering everything from precision engineering to intricate micro-mechanics. Bound by a shared ardor for crafting exceptional timepieces, we are excited to unveil GAW’s remarkable watch collection. These watches are meticulously designed in Italy and expertly fashioned, drawing inspiration from the rigors of both diving and military contexts, ensuring they stand strong against the tests of time. Get ready to be amazed as we proudly present the crown jewels of our lineup: the Lince Blue and Lince Black models, part of our 1000m water-resistant series.

Gruppo Ardito Lince Black
Gruppo Ardito Lince Blue

Gnomon Watches first opened her doors for business online in early 2002, founded by bona fide horology suitors who share a profound passion for watchmaking and fine craftsmanship.

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