Dietrich SD-1 Tropic Green – Gnomon Exclusive

The perfect merger of the old and the new

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Nov 15, 2021
Zong Lie
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With the debut of Dietrich’s entirely new SD-1 collection of fascinating skin divers, this release from the Zurich-based brand has beautifully showcased Dietrich’s latest creative direction of ‘reinterpreting the templates of iconic watches from the past’. As the first release that adopts this new design approach, the SD-1 continues to embody Dietrich’s ethos of conceptually exploring futuristic watch designs while adding a blend of cool vintage flair into the mix, and the result is really quite breathtaking. In contrast with previous Dietrich models which took on novel, and rather peculiar designs which may be slightly overwhelming for some in terms of visual styling, especially those who are used to traditional-looking timepieces, it is refreshing to see the brand aligning itself with current tastes and embracing the undeniable love for vintage-style dive watches among watch enthusiasts. 

Apart from the “Suave Black” and “Pacific Blue” models, Gnomon Watches is presenting an exclusive model of this stunning diver in an eye-catching “Tropic Green” dial, a color that somehow made its way to the releases of just about every major watch brand this year. Nevertheless, this exclusive model looks simply gorgeous with its striking pop of color. The overall design aesthetics of the Dietrich SD-1 Tropic Green – Gnomon Exclusive fundamentally feels just like any typical dive watch with its largely legible dial layout and rotating bezel. However, the distinguishing factor that allows the SD-1 to shine brighter than the rest lies in the incorporation of Dietrich’s unique design style and the innovative use of premium materials to create a value-packed masterpiece worthy to take a second look at. 

Corresponding to brand founder Emmanuel Dietrich’s idea of organically fluid designs, the multilink bracelet on the Dietrich SD-1 Tropic Green – Gnomon Exclusive with its astonishing hexagonal-style links truly showcases how every aspect of the watch is tastefully designed, down to every minor detail. Coming from a bracelet design that takes on a somewhat unusual, yet aesthetically pleasing appearance, the well-integrated design surprisingly wraps around the wrist extremely comfortably. Bracelets are generally not the main focus point of a timepiece, however this would be one of the rare instances where a bracelet is certainly an exciting highlight. 

Recalling some of the brand’s distinct attributes, portrayed on the uniquely-shaped handsets and six individual bezel grip points (referencing Dietrich’s iconic hexagonal motif seen throughout past models), the dial is where the fun really begins with a piece of sapphire glass over the smoky green dial, allowing the markers to appear as if floating slightly above the dial. Pulling off such a phenomenal dial is definitely not a walk in the park in this price segment, considering all the impressive specifications we get here, including a Swiss Sellita SW200 engine powering the watch. 

Exclusively available at Gnomon Watches, the Dietrich SD-1 Tropic Green – Gnomon Exclusive delivers an exceptional value for a meticulously designed timepiece that sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd. Bringing in some attractive vintage-inspired elements in a modish avant-garde package is a real winning formula that Dietrich delivered in this stunning release. 

Pre-order start from November 18 (Thursday) 5PM SGT
Estimated Shipping : Late December 2021
Price: US$1050

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