PHOTO BOMB at GNOMON Second Boutique Opening

Here’s are some shots we did at the official opening of Our New Store at Wheelock Place Singapore

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Jul 22, 2023
Samuel Ng
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To celebrate the launch of Gnomon’s second ever boutique in town, we threw a party with specially invited Gnomon guests over at Wheelock Place. The turnout was surprisingly overwhelm, where many of our beloved watch lovers and supporters carrying an enthusiastic heart and attended the evening event. Hosting the grand opening was in fact, a great milestone for us,  where we could see ourselves growing and thus, bringing in more spectacular watches and experiences for all of you. 

During the event we have great conversations face-to-face, sharing our passion for watches, and most importantly, enjoy the joyous occasion altogether. Boy, and that felt absolutely fantastic. And I got to say, our guests and staffs have brought their amazing wrist game to the event. Below are some of the casual photos the team took throughout the party. Without further ado, check out the photos below and share our excitement that day.

Gnomon’ Second Boutique at Wheelock Place

Starting off with an extensive array of Steinhart timepieces
Our guest came early to check out the store and of course, our watches

Special glass boxes for special models
Our special Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT Concorde model 
Nothing beats the feeling of trying it one
While checking our Steinhart out, we can’t stop looking at his Arnold and Son timepiece on the wrist
He’s checking out the special serial engraving on the case-back
There’s a full course of food and drinks through the evening
The Glycine Airman gets some attention too
We got our Gruppo Ardito Lince exclusive on display too, and boy just check out the dial 
One of our guest got his first Hitori Habuka 39 Special Edition that evening, and we bagged it up nicely for him
After we sized it for him of course, another perk of having a shop in town
More guests checking out our watches in store after their meal
One of them even got herself a Marathon JDD
Anders catching up with his good regular customers who had been supporting us for more than a decade
Another Steinhart purchase by out guest, a 1000m titanium built Triton. Who said big watch trend has died?
Looks so good on her wrist the full gold Steinhart 39 Concorde
Me taking a look at the beauty and the beast Triton 1000

We want to thank everyone once again for coming to the event, and those who have been supporting us through the years. Till the next one!

Gnomon Watches first opened her doors for business online in early 2002, founded by bona fide horology suitors who share a profound passion for watchmaking and fine craftsmanship.

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